british-virgin-islands2The British Virgin Islands, comprising of four main islands and several smaller ones, is famous for its reef-lined beaches. It is a dream destination for individuals who seek sailing and seclusion. This group of islands has popular tourist attractions that leave a profound impression upon the minds of visitors. Let’s get to learn about them now.

The Baths
The Baths is a beach area in the island of Virgin Gorda. It has huge smooth ash gray boulders of diverse sizes. They ascend from the sea’s crystalline waters, making a network for travellers to walk or swim through. People need to keep in mind that the granite boulders can be slippery at certain points. Photographers will naturally love to take pictures of the contrast between the blue waters and the gray boulders.

Gorda Peak National Park
With a height of 1359 feet, the Gorda Peak is one of the very few places showcasing dry Caribbean forests. It is home to endangered plant species such as Calptranthese thomasiana and Zanthoxylum thomasiana. Due to the dry weather conditions, many plants produce small waxy leaves that minimize evaporation. Not many know, but ‘Sphaerodactylus parthenopion’, one of the world’s tiniest terrestrial vertebrates with a maximum length of up to 32 mm, can be spotted here!

North Sound
North Sound is a boater’s paradise! There are countless anchorages for charterers. Nearly all kinds of water-based activities are available here such as snorkelling, sailing, diving, and windsurfing. For tourists and locals, there are fabulous resorts and villas. The restaurants in Leverick Bay, Bitter End, and Biras Creek’s Marina Village offer delectable cuisines and beverages.

White Bay Beach
White Bay Beach is probably the most gorgeous beach of British Virgin Islands! There’s plenty of space to lie down and relax under the golden sun. For reasonably priced food, try out the local joints. They will pleasantly surprise you. Couples desirous of sharing some romantic time together must not ignore the White Sand Beach. It is accessible by catamaran or boat.

Norman Island
An island located in the southern tip of the BVI archipelago, the Norman Island is a 610 acre land mass displaying rich history in a unique manner. According to Robert Louis Stevenson in his well-known children’s classic ‘Treasure Island’, this island has a colourful history of pirates and buried treasure. Norman Island consists of rocky headlands, rolling hills, spectacular bays, and numerous spots to dive, snorkel, swim, and hike.

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