The North African destination of Morocco welcomes hordes of tourists who arrive on flights to its rocky terrains and expansive deserts. The country delights one and all with distinct coastlines which serve as popular holiday getaways.

Morocco takes pride in both the gorgeous coastlines – the Atlantic and the Mediterranean – that grace its contours. While tourists who invest on tickets to Morocco are instantly mesmerised by the awe-inspiring stature of the Rif Mountains, they can hardly contain their excitement at the prospect of exploring some of the Mediterranean havens that lie close by. The adventurous souls seek the frenzy of the Atlantic beaches and the secluded paradises of the Mediterranean ones are left to the solitary indulgences of the placid ones.

Most Popular Holiday Spots on the Mediterranean Coast

Morocco offers a diverse array of attractions, both natural and man-made, to engage tourists who endure long flights to seek solace of the unique country. However, the harmony of distinct customs preserved within natural wonders is best witnessed from the country’s best Mediterranean villages and towns.

Let Tangier Play the Role of a Welcoming Host

After disembarking their flights on the Moroccan soil, many tourists head straight towards one of the most important cities in the country, Tangier. The realization that they are simply following a trail which date back to thousands of years is what adds up to the fun on a holiday in the city. Being a major gateway of Morocco, the city has been advanced upon by many distinct cultures and people who have managed to leave behind their influences, thereby endowing Morocco with a rich and interesting history.

Tangier’s Best Attractions

The value for the money invested on flights to Morocco can be best reaped by experiencing the exquisite authenticity of Tangier. The palm-lined walkways of Grand Socco that lead to the old alleys of the medina, the walls adorned with Arabic scripts at St. Andrew’s Church, the literati vibe of the Librairie des Colonnes and endless stretches of fine sand caressed by the warm Mediterranean waters are some of the best indulgences in Tangier. It’s no wonder that the city is known to be the haven of writers and artists!

Tétouan, a UNESCO pick!

Another Mediterranean city, Tétouan, boasts of its UNESCO World Heritage status and thereby entices tourists to hunt for air tickets on flights bound for Morocco. The acclaimed medina (walled city) of Tétouan is a storehouse of wealth when it comes to adhering to the nuances of bygone traditions.

Tétouan’s Best Attractions

Those who plan to book flights to explore the architectural offerings of Morocco must surely include the walled town, the Royal Palace and the Tétouan Church in their itineraries. The Riad Al Ochak, a beautifully embellished garden, also delights visitors with its Spanish influence. Those who wish to strictly abide by their ‘beach-holiday’ routine can head for Martil, a quaint sea-side town that lies close to Tétouan.

Berkane Calling

There are numerous reasons to board flights bound for Berkane in Morocco, of which the nation’s longest stretch of pristine beaches in Saїdia is certainly the most coveted perk. Tickets to Berkane are also a prized find for gourmands as the city boasts of the finest and freshest produce thereby guarantying an organic gourmet indulgence.

Berkane’s Best Attractions

Saїdia is the coveted retreat of beachcombers who do not shirk away from paying for air tickets to Morocco when they can no longer resist the call of solitude. While tourists can spend their entire trip ruminating as the sun goes down, it is also imperative that they take a shot at golfing at the famous 18-hole golf course. The daredevils may also indulge in adventurous pursuits like deep sea diving and snorkelling.

The Hint of Modernity at Al Hoceima

The city of Al Hoceima allures many a soul and urges them to look for air tickets for an exquisite holiday in Morocco. While it is almost impossible to rob Morocco of its primitive charms, the city has succeeded in infusing pleasing shards of modern extravaganzas within its periphery.

Al Hoceima’s Best Attractions

The beaches, Plage Isly and Plage Ashifa, see a large congregation of visitors who invest on tickets to Morocco for its idyllic coastlines and waterfronts. Some are also drawn towards the walls of the Spanish fortification, El Peñón de Alhucemas. The natural bounties of Morocco are well reflected at the National Park of Al Hoceima which houses a wide variety of spectacular flora and fauna.

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