Not without a reason is Hawaii one of the most sought after tourist spots in the USA. Boasting spellbinding natural beauty, inspiring cultural heritage and various adventures, it justly catches the fancy of scores of tourists and persuades them to book tickets on flights bound for the Island destination.


The unique geography, temperate weather, beautiful beaches, kaleidoscopic culture, exuberant festivals and warm hospitality from the friendly locals make Hawaii one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in the USA. A cluster of 8 major islands and innumerable small islets scattered in the cobalt blue Pacific Ocean, this beautiful archipelago offers something exotic for all, be it nature-lovers, culture-enthusiasts or avid explorers in pursuits of adrenaline rush. Quite justly, tickets on flights for the captivating state in the USA sell like hot cakes! Though, there are countless reasons why Hawaii draws holidaymakers such as a flame allures moths, listed below are just five attractions in the state that need to be seen to be believed!

Waikiki Beach

The erstwhile playground for Hawaiian royalty, Waikiki Beach is widely coveted for its picture-perfect scenery and wonderful opportunities for water sports. The crescent shaped beach, with its crystal clear waters and gentle waves, is an ideal spot for swimming and surfing. The magnificent coral reefs and abundance of rare aqua life enthral visitors to the hilt who get to admire nature not found anywhere else; the extinct volcano ‘Diamond Head Crater’, at the end of the beach, offers a glimpse into the region’s interesting military history.

Pearl Harbour

Pearl Harbour is one of the recognised historical landmarks in the USA. Located in the central Oahu Island, about 30 minutes from Waikiki, the place embodies the devastating aerial attack on this US naval base by Japan, which resulted in the sinking of USS Arizona, a Pennsylvania-class battleship in the USA. It is now a National Historical Landmark and is a must-visit place for history-enthusiasts who spend on flights’ tickets for holiday in Hawaii. Take a tour to the Visitors Centre that offers a peek into the history of harbour and the Japanese attack! Battleship USS Missouri is another attraction for tourists boarding flights to visit the destination.

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes National Park and its unique topography have gained considerable popularity as a prominent Hawaiian attraction. Apart from two active volcanoes, the park encompasses 150miles of hiking trails passing through lush tropical forests and barren deserts, making it a hot favourite with trekkers and nature-lovers alike. Flora and fauna found in the park is rare and set hordes of naturists on a mad scramble for cheap air tickets to arrive here. Watching the hot lava flowing down the mountain side is truly a mesmeric experience!

Mauna Kea

Standing 4,207 meters above the sea level, Mauna Kea is the highest mountain in Hawaii, the USA. Boasting awesome landscaped beauty, this majestic mountain is a sheer delight for nature-lovers and adventure-freaks. Trekking to its peaks is considered sacred, as per local tribe people, and Mauna Kea alone allures many to rummage the web for travel tickets and holiday deals for Hawaii. The Mauna Kea observatory, the world’s largest astronomical observatory, sits at the top and is a place of interest for many seeking intellectual pursuits. In winters, snow paints the mountain white taking its gorgeousness to a whole new level.

Hana Highway

This serpentine stretch of highway passes though lush green forests and along the cerulean sea, making driving tour here a memorable treat. Commencing from Paia, the road leads to the remote town of Hana that itself is a culture-vulture’s dreams come true. The quaint little town of Hana, apart from its rugged shoreline and spectacular surrounding of forests and waterfalls, will impress you with its interesting Hawaiian traditions. Surely, the trip remains a memorable experience, well worth the cost of flights and other holiday essentials for this wonderful corner in the USA.

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