As per a latest report, Jamaica is fast emerging as the favourite destination in the Caribbean for visitors from the UK with as many as 5.4% more people travelling to the island country last year. If reports are to be believed, Jamaica will soon leave Barbados behind in securing a position as UK travellers’ preferred country in the Caribbean. Wondering what makes Jamaica so attractive to the Britons? In addition to popular tourist trappings, Jamaica boasts a plethora of other amazing attractions that are wooing the world travellers with their promise of unique experiences and unparalleled beauty. Here are our top picks:

Negril Lighthouse

Built in 1984, the Negril Lighthouse is one of the foremost concrete lighthouses in the world. A popular tourist attraction in Jamaica, the Negril Lighthouse is 65-feet tall, a length that offers visitors breathtaking views of the island country after climbing 104 steps that lead to the top. An automatic white light that flashes after every two seconds has been installed inside the tower to warn the ships and makes quite a spectacle during the night. The Negril Lighthouse is also a great place to for witnessing a beautiful sunset in Jamaica.


The home and burial site of Sir Noel Coward, the British playwright, author and actor, Firefly was built by the celebrated English author in an attempt to get away to a peaceful place offering beautiful views of the island country. Firefly has hosted celebrity guests such as Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Winston Churchill, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Sir Alec Guinness and Richard Burton. Now a Jamaican National Heritage Site, Firefly offers gorgeous vistas of the north coast of Jamaica.

Blue Mineral Hot Spring

If you want to escape from popular tourist hot spots in search for some cool, composed fun, the Blue Mineral Hot Spring is your best bet in Jamaica. The water in the pool emanates from a natural spring and the mud at the bottom of the spring is a great scrub for the skin, believed to have healing properties. The spring remains surrounded by a hotel which has a rooftop offering stunning views of the Negril Mountains. A dive show featuring entertaining acrobatic diving by divers from the surrounding trees also takes place here.

Rhodes Hall Plantation

For a slow day amidst nature, birds and animals, visit Rhodes Hall Plantation. The 550-acre property, however, is a heaven for horse-riders. Boasting different kinds of terrains, suitable for riding for both beginners and advanced rides, Rhodes Hall Plantation has more than 70 horses roaming about freely in this facility. There’s also a crocodile reserve in the vicinity which is home to over 70 crocodiles. The other animals that can be found here include geese, guinea hens, chickens, roosters, ducks, goats, mongoose, crabs, cats, doves, parrots, humming birds, doctor birds, myna birds, seagulls, pelicans, sandpipers, herons, and even peacocks.

Falmouth Food Tour

Run in collaboration with Falmouth Heritage Walks, the Falmouth Food Tour is a two and a half hour long guided walking tour that leads visitors on to the discovery of the historic town of Falmouth. The tour acquaints visitors with many aspects of Jamaican life, culture, food and traditions.  The visitors sample local dishes that have survived through the country’s turbulent history, learn about its sugar plantation past and see samples of Georgian architecture adapted and preserved by plantation owners on this intriguing tour.

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