Beaches bring out the best in everyone. And when it comes to booking flights for some of the most outstanding ones, one can think of no other place but Seychelles. The beauty of Seychelles is way too divine to be compared with any other place in the world.


The Republic of Seychelles is an archipelago of over a hundred islands which are renowned or their stunning scenic beauty. The splendour of Seychelles has mesmerised the hearts of many travellers who booked tickets to the “Paradise on Earth”. Tourism is not a thing of the past for this heavenly location and the popularity of Seychelles as a tourist spot is quite recent. Tickets to Seychelles open the doors to a sanctum which remains untarnished by the acts and implications of mass tourism.


“Heavenly beaches” are the only thing that tourists think of while booking flights to Seychelles. And Seychelles has an abundance of these enchanting strips of white sand, caressed by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Being an archipelago, Seychelles does not restrict tourists to just a few beaches, but delights them with an array of equally beautiful ones. With hammocks dangling from the coconut trees inclined towards the ocean, or beach chairs innovatively placed upon the shallow waters, it is only evident that the experience is worth more than the money spent on flights to this magical land.

The main beaches of Seychelles are located in Victoria, Denis, Silhouette, Praslin and Fregate. However, all the islands of Seychelles have been blessed with the bounties of nature and visiting any of them would mean nothing but a unique experience.

Inland Explorations

Inland hopping is one of the best indulgences for tourists who spend on tickets aboard Seychelles with the intent of doing more than just basking in the glory of beaches. The island of Mahe is a coveted spot for wanderers who wish to experience the liveliness of the island. The market in Victoria is a must visit for tourists who want to splurge on food, souvenirs and other items reflecting the uniqueness of the islands. The market teems with an array of delicacies like fresh sea-food, tropical fruits and vegetables and is certain to bring out the best in every soul.

Marine Wonders

Being so close to the ocean is certain to incite tourists to take a plunge into the azure waters and witness the miracles of the underwater world. The coral reefs, teeming with a variety of marine life, encourage various kinds of water adventures like snorkelling and deep-sea diving. For those who wish to remain confined within the comforts of dry attire and surroundings, there are glass-bottom boats which are favoured for their convenience in simply gazing into the vast expanses of colourful marine life-forms without having to dive into the warm waters.

Unforgettable Cruises

Seychelles offers a variety of both expensive and affordable options for cruises along the lively waters of the ocean. These cruises depart from the Victoria Harbour, with swarms of tourists on board, who can barely contain their excitement at the prospect of watching beautiful sunsets, gorging on scrumptious Creole cuisine and absorbing the delightful ambience created by local performers who enchant people with their soulful melodies.

With the plethora of exquisite experiences that it has to offer, Seychelles retains the honour of being one of the most desirable tourist destinations of all times.

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