Unique-Experiences-in-the-British-Virgin-Islands2The British Virgin Islands is a collection over 60 islands in the Caribbean, some of which have been declared national parks. Ideal for the admirers of verdant rainforests, white-sand beaches and blue waters, the beautiful islands comprising the archipelago of the British Virgin Islands have abundant experiences to hook a traveller. Gorgeous islands of Tortola, Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke present ample opportunities for snorkelling, water-skiing and sunbathing for an average tourist. However, this Caribbean wonder hides in plain sight few experiences that will call out only to the souls of adventurers seeking virgin experiences at the British Virgin Islands.

Here are top five unique experiences that you can have in the British Virgin Islands:

Trip to the Buck Island
Also known as the Buck Island Reef National Monument, the place is often touted as ‘one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea’. Located 2.5 kilometres of the northeast coast of Saint Croix, a half-day trip to the Buck Island will be a journey through the wondrous marine and coral life of the Caribbean. There’s an underwater trail for snorkellers. The trip will give you a chance to explore the elkhorn coral barrier reef which is the natural habitat for over 250 species of fishes as well as to spot eagle rays, nurse sharks, lemon sharks, blacktip reef sharks as well as whitetip reef sharks among a plethora of other marine animals. The white sand beach here is perfect to tie a hammock and spend some moments of pure bliss.

Exploring the Baths
Swimming and snorkelling adventure at the Baths, a beach area on the island of Virgin Gorda are prescribed by every tourist itinerary, but not many will tell you about the beautiful caves surrounded by giant granite boulders here. While the crowds are busy diving into the waters, you can quietly crawl through a tiny opening which leads you to the giant granite boulders through which flow beautiful streams of water. If you get mesmerised at this point, wait till you climb over the rocks and find yourself amidst the tide pools that collect between the boulders. Absolutely breathtaking!

Tasting Food and Music of Redhook
There’s a lot more to Redhook than the red-tiled roof homes, fishing boats and marinas. The small port town on St. Thomas has the most interesting line –up of cafes and restaurants. Almost every place you visit will treat you to sumptuous food, live music and the tastiest beer you can find in the Caribbean. Make your way to Tap and Still if delicious burgers are on your mind. If you are feeling more indulgent, you can visit Molly Molone’s, Fish Tails, Duffy’s Love Shack or the Caribbean Saloon for a true taste of the Caribbean.

Hiking the Reef Bay Trail
There isn’t a better way to explore the secrets of St. John’s tropical forests than the Reef Bay Trail Hike. Hire a park service ranger to help you identify the trees and plants and to acquaint you with the history of the Reef Bay Plantation. Your hike will be filled with intriguing vistas of petroglyphs, freshwater pools, sugar mill ruins and a waterfall. This three mile hike is mostly downhill but that shouldn’t dampen your spirits if you are an adventurer as the trail has steep rocky terrains, and a few uphill sections that present challenge. If you are not ready to go the full length, you can take a boat to Reef Bay, and swim to the land, reducing your hike time by about 20-30 minutes.

Sailing around the Islands
While the British Virgin Islands might have plenty of attractions on land, exploring them via sea is going to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life. You can sail away to the lesser known and remote islands like Culebra, Saba and Martinique to get away from the crowds, and explore the local life in the remote islands. You don’t have to follow any itinerary when you can discover your own personal snorkelling spots at the sea. Catching fishes aboard a boat and grilling them on the spot will be a great experience. If you don’t want to shell out too many pounds, you can hitch a sail with the locals who will be happy to drop you at the next island in exchange for beer, food and good conversation, especially if you are from the UK.

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