In the world of social media ruled by ‘selfies’, and brought closer by pictures and stories from around the world, it is mandatory to put a brilliant act of your own. While your friends are posing with the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Statue of Liberty in New York, the Alps in Switzerland and the Colosseum in Rome, you might also be on a lookout for a place that’ll make for an excellent background for your next photograph, one that’ll take your friends’ Instagram wall by storm and put you back in the game. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Here are top five places in the world where you can get clicked at for pictures that tell a story and are refreshingly different from the ones crowding your Instagram feed:

Kampung Pelangi in Randusari, Indonesia

Also called the “Rainbow Village”, The Randusari village in Kampung Pelangi has been given a facelift only recently. The makeover cost the government £17,000 but has turned this small village in southern Indonesia into a tourist spot, generating more sources of income for the people who live here. All 232 houses in the village have been painted in bright colours and adorned with creative designs. Next to these stand poles enveloped in multi-coloured flags. A picture clicked here will not only look beautiful, it will also put you right on the map as the place is trending on tourist itineraries this year.


Chefchaouen, Morocco


If lack of newness in your pictures has been leaving you feeling dull and blue, we have a perfect antidote for you. The Blue Streets in Chefchaouen, Morocco are breathtakingly beautiful to say the least. There are so many different shades of the colour blue used to paint the streets and houses in varying combinations here that it looks like an artist’s canvas. And might we suggest a perfect caption to add to your picture? “Discovering the Jewish history in Morocco.” What does that mean? Well, find out yourself!


Hosier Lane, Melbourne


The Hosier Lane is one of the most celebrated laneways in Melbourne, Australia. The cobbled streets are lent a life of their own with thought-provoking graffiti, stencils and art installations. Having acquired a cult status as far as street art scene in Australia goes, the Hosier Lane is the mouthpiece for budding artists for expressing their opinions or to dissent with popular political ideologies and to make a social commentary through their art. For novelty, make sure you click a picture in Rutledge Lane too; not many tourists would have gone there.

Arab Street, Singapore


A popular shopping area in Singapore, recommended for its small and colourful shops selling textiles, leather bags, perfume, jewellery and baskets, the Arab Street in Singapore is where you can click the most vivid photographs. With the background of lovely mural paintings on the walls, small artsy cafes and a crowd of people present at any given time, a picture here will just be a perfect way to remind yourself of your trip to the Orient even years later.

Águeda, Portugal


Hundreds of colourful, floating umbrellas shade the streets of Águeda in Portugal, and paint a picture so beautiful that thousands flock to Portugal to get their own perfect umbrella shot. The Ágitagueda Art Festival is celebrated in the city in July with a great pomp and show; but the showstopper, needless to say, are these umbrellas that remain a centre of attractions and much curiosity and feature in most photographs that surface from the city. Make sure you take the impending Portugal trip in July, and come back with a million photos with these lovely umbrellas floating around major streets and promenades.


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