A medium of creative expression, Graffiti has always stayed controversial. Associated with gangsters at one point, and considered a tool of anarchists; Graffiti has managed to resurrect in the recent times after a long lull over it debatable nature. Where it is not illegal, the art form is being used to transform the outlook of the cities, to convey themes of social importance as well as to inspire millions of artists to imagine.

We bring you top five places in the world that you must visit if you are the lover of the art:


Image Credits:  Alec Monopoly

New York City, New York

Believed to be the cradle of graffiti and street art, New York naturally is the hub for some of the best known graffiti artists from around the world. Walking through the five boroughs of the city is like walking into a museum where there’s art in abundance, just waiting to be explored. Courtesy an initiative started in 2016 to revamp the dark corners of the city where the crime was most rampant; as many as 100 storefronts were painted in the Lower East Side. More than 200 young artists participated to display their art for a cause. To see the best specimen of graffiti in New York, Brooklyn’s Bushwick, Manhattan’s Chelsea and Hunts Point in Bronx could be some of the places.

Los Angeles, California

Take a tour of Downtown LA to be amazed by the artwork of talented graffiti artists that have expressed themselves creatively on the many walls in the neighbourhood. Ever since the ban on public art has been lifted in LA, there’s been an explosion of gargantuan proportions in mural and graffiti art here. Hire a guide to walk you through the Arts District so that you may discover hidden gems that you would otherwise have overlooked. The guide will even give you insights into the history of graffiti on every wall or door. Some of the other areas you might want to check out include La Brea Boulevard, Culver City, and Melrose Avenue.

Melbourne, Australia

Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne also rules the graffiti scene in the country. The animated buildings and arcades on Union Street, Bourke Street as well as Hosier Lane are any graffiti lover’s most vivid imagination come true. You can explore the city on your own or hire a guide to help you discover commonly elusive gems in the farther corners of the city. The best time to tour Melbourne if you are a graffiti lover is during the Melbourne Stencil Festival, where works of local and international street artists are featured over a period of 10 days.

Delhi, India

Mural art in Delhi has emerged as a powerful means to convey messages of social awareness in the recent times. Public art events and organisations in the city have taken it upon them to make the best use of the art to reach out to people through a creative expression. One of the places where the new avatar of the city is most prominent is the Lodhi Colony Area, India’s first district dedicated to public art. You’ll be awestruck looking at the large scale paintings and mural art on the walls here.

Mexico City, Mexico

Thanks to the ‘All City Canvas’ project that was initiated in the city in 2012, the city centre of Mexico now offers an exhibition of some of the most diverse styles of street art. To make sure that you don’t miss out on an eclectic display of street art in Mexico, you can check out an online platform called ‘Street Art Chillango’ where all of the city’s over 10,000 artworks are listed. Be certain to visit the international style street art of La Roma and Condesa while you are in the Mexico City.

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