Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood and its glitzy way of life. It is only natural that this famous city is home to mind-boggling New Years’ Eve events. Here are top four 31st December destinations for those booking tickets on flights to the city.


The metropolis of Los Angeles on the west coast of USA has always been among the most popular destinations visited by those reserving tickets aboard flights arriving in the country. Though most popular among legions of travellers as the location of Hollywood and home to world renowned movie stars, holidays here are also famous for their scenic beauty and numerous festivals. Those visiting this part of USA during the holiday season by disembarking flights in this metropolis are in for a legendary treat. Apart from the awesome weather on offer, there is an assortment of activities too especially on the last day of December. Read on to know about the top events and destinations in Los Angeles for the final day of 2013, but be warned, getting tickets to these events might be a bit tricky unless one books early.

Gala Celebrations at the Golden Stag
The Park Plaza Hotel is an iconic venue in the USA. Tickets to events organized at this establishment are in high demand among locals as well as tourists. On the 31st of December, The Golden Stag in this hotel is all set to hark back to 1940s in style with their exclusive themed party, which those booked on LA bound flights for the period should definitely check out. This grand event would have many facets notably the LA Noir Lounge, The Gold Room, Kogi BBQ and so much more. This night of cocktails and tasty treats is sure to be memorable long after visitors have boarded their flights home.

Fireworks and More Universal CityWalk
The ball drop to signify start of a new calendar might have been made famous by the annual bash at New York’s Time Square in USA, but this time Los Angeles is all set to organize its own. The outdoor countdown bash this year is to be held by combining the huge Gibson and Waterworld stages within the famed Universal Studios campus. Apart from the live music and family-friendly entertainment on offer, tickets to the event include viewing of the fireworks show at midnight. The event is sure to leave travellers gloating about their decision to buy tickets on flights to this city in the USA.

Cleopatra’s Ball at the Egyptian Theatre
This is a historic landmark of this USA metropolis and since it opened its doors, this theatre has played host to numerous guests from round the world. On the last day of 2013, the plan is to cover and heat the expansive courtyard of this theatre, while the theme of ancient Egypt will also be extended into the inner rooms. All are invited to attend the aptly named Cleopatra’s New Year’s Eve Ball which will feature DJ beats and mash-ups as well as a LED light show. The start of 2014 will be marked by a confetti blast and a balloon drop. The venue would feature multiple food stations and an open bar while holders of VIP tickets get access to a premium beverage service.

Pub Crawls through Hollywood
Some travellers who book flights to the western seaboard of USA may look forward to visiting the famous pubs of Los Angeles to get a taste of its nightlife. The eve of a new year is the best time for such an escapade, as special passes are available to allow visitors access to multiple bars located all over the city. On the 31st, many of these joints organize their own unique celebrations many of which are located in close proximity. This is bound to be an experience of a lifetime and those reserving tickets aboard international flights terminating in the city during this period better not miss out.

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