Brimming with myriads museums depicting country’s rich history and heritage, Washington DC attracts a large number of holidaymakers, particularly history-lovers, who buy flights tickets for holidaying in the USA. Have a look at some of the finest museums in the city.


Washington DC, the capital city of the USA, has so much in its cusp that it is almost impossible to explore it all in just one go. From fascinating monuments to enthralling museums and a host of contemporary delights; this glorious urban centre is aptly considered a vacationer’s paradise and catches fancy of hordes of tourists buying air tickets on flights destined for the USA. Needless to say, Washington DC is a favourite haunt of history-lovers and culture enthusiasts from across the globe. The city is a treasure trove of invaluable relics and excavated remnants of pasts preserved in its many museums. These wonderful repositories are like a time machine that can transport one to the glorious yesteryears of the city, and paying visit to a few of them can literally leave the keen travellers gloating over their decision of buying flights tickets for vacationing here. Here is a quick check into the best museums of Washington DC.

National Museum of Natural History

For those having a penchant for nature and art, this place is a must visit. It enjoys a hefty collection of sculptures and specimens that epitomise country’s spellbinding natural heritages. Originally established in 1846, it is one of the repositories in the USA where one can behold the rare and threatened species of flora and fauna, displayed in forms of various art objects. The Discovery Room is fascinating for kids, while The Family Hall of Mammals appeals the people of all ages. No wonder, the museum draws hordes of holidaymakers buying tickets aboard cheap flights landing in the metropolis.

National Air and Space Museum

This offers the best peek into the history of air and space travel in the country. It chiefly accommodates artefacts from air and space industry and ensures keen travellers a lifetime experience. You can see the original Wright 1903 Flyer, the “Spirit of St. Louis,” and the Apollo 11 command module. Besides, various interactive flight simulators, a planetarium, IMAX movies are also worth exploring. Spending some time in this awesome repository is truly well worth the monies spent on flights tickets and holiday packages.


This is a great place to trace history of news reporting in the country. Set in a spectacular styled building, it features many high-tech and integrative exhibitions telling everything about news reporting in the USA, from 16th century to the present day. Here, one can watch the award-winning images captured since the early 1900s and can read front pages of around 80 newspapers from across the world. Multiple theatres, including a 4D, show movies on historical events in the USA. Truly, spending some time here is well worth the monies spent on air tickets aboard flights and holiday deals for the country.

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