Besides unrivalled modernistic splendours, New York features awe-inspiring historical landmarks that leave keen travellers on a quest for cheap tickets aboard flights arriving in the city. Here are some popular sites to visit during a historical trip to USA’s Big Apple!

Though recognised for its staggering wealth of modern era, New York is no doubt a dream come true destination for history enthusiasts. A multitude of age-old buildings, noteworthy architecture and vintage sights take tourists back to city’s glorious yesteryears and ensure them a once-in-lifetime experience. Here is a list of top historical attractions that set historians and culture-vultures on a mad scramble for cheap air tickets on flights landing in New York!

The Cloisters
Sitting prettily in a bucolic park overlooking the Hudson River, this imposing structure, in fact a museum, is a must-visit site for lovers of history and culture. There are five age-old monasteries, numerous galleries parading awesome art and architecture collections from medieval era. The inside is richly decorated with tapestries and gilded ornaments. Captivating views of the Hudson River make experience more enriching and well worth the cost of flight tickets and other expenses for holidays in this vibrant city of the USA.

Green Wood Cemetery
A National Historic Landmark in the USA, Greenwood Cemetery, created in 1838, is an excellent spot for not just history-lovers, but for anyone waiting to be amazed by the grandeur of USA’s magnificence. Besides innumerable Victorian mausoleums and monuments, what leave visitors enthralled here are over 8000 trees and the stunning views of the Manhattan skyline from atop Battle Hill. The massive Gothic arch at the entrance just adds to its grandeur that leaves keen travellers gloating over their decision of netting tickets for New York flights.

Statue of Liberty
This iconic structure is a universal symbol of friendship, freedom and democracy. It was given as a gift by people of France to the people of the USA and is now a National Monument as well as a must visit attraction for tourists booking flights for New York holidays. Besides delving into the brilliant architectural beauty, visitors can visit the pedestal museum, enjoy breathtaking harbour views and walk around Liberty Island to make the most of the money spent on entry tickets for the monument.

New York Public Library
Another tourist attraction in New York is this century old repository, known to be the second largest public library in the USA, housing nearly 53 million items. Founded in 1895, it features a great combination of information, ideas and scholarly research centres and hence is a big hit with tourists inclined towards literature and wisdom. The cavernous Rose Main Reading Room, with gorgeous ceiling murals and chandeliers, live up to every penny keen travellers spend on air tickets aboard flights for holidays in this vibrant city of the USA.

New York Historical Society
Founded in 1804, this is one of the oldest museums in USA.  An array of interactive exhibitions parading vintage items, artefacts and age-old clothing give visitors a sneak peek into city’s rich past and culture. The museum is also famous for its architectural charms and various programmes and researches held here all year-round. Hire a guide to gain a deeper and clearer understanding of the essence and get the maximum bang for the monies spent on entry tickets.

Brooklyn Bridge  
One of the longest suspension bridges in the world, Brooklyn Bridge was designed by John R. Roebling is and is an elegant indication of architectural innovation is the USA. Built across the East River, it attractions hordes of holidaymakers who grab tickets on flights to explore art and history in New York. Take a leisure stroll across the span and enjoy spectacular views of lower Manhattan and other landmarks nearby! After sunset, it looks bedazzling illuminating in all its splendour.

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