New York inundates its visitors with attractions galore. But what makes history and culture seekers to scramble for tickets on flights bound for USA’s Big Apple is the plenitude of interesting museums that promise a dose of culture and history!


USA’s City That Never Sleeps, New York is crammed full with attractions that pack in enough substance as well as character to make its visitors entertained for days! But what makes air tickets to this city so popular with culture and history seekers is its superb spread of thought-provoking museums! In fact, destination’s staggering line-up of superb repositories is sure to bring smiles on the faces of history lovers on flights to the city. Here are just five such repositories in New York that often show up on the travel itineraries of visitors investing on tickets aboard international flights bound for USA’s Big Apple.

American Museum of Natural History

It is one of the biggest repositories not only in the USA but in the entire world. This thought-provoking repository celebrates some of the greatest natural discoveries from around the globe. Those buying entry tickets to the place may treat their eyes to interesting exhibits displaying world-famous collection of dinosaur fossils, 94-foot-long model of a blue whale, 90-foot-long diorama of the Dzanga-Sangha rain forest and much more. The sheer diversity and quality of the displays here are sure to leave visitors gloating over their decision to hop aboard flights bound for the city in the USA.

Ellis Island Immigration Museum

No cultural trips to the city are rendered complete without visiting the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. This humongous repository narrates the inspirational tale of 12 million immigrants who entered America through Ellis Island through artefacts, photographs, prints, videos, oral histories, and more. With its astonishing collection and thought-provoking exhibits, this superb repository not only entertains but also enriches those who hop aboard flights to the destination and spend on entry tickets to explore this fabulous attraction.

Ground Zero Museum Workshop

Perhaps the best place to walk in the emotional side of world’s most powerful country; it is a must-see for every New York visitor investing on tickets aboard flights arriving in the USA. Located just minutes from the former World Trade Centre, the repository exhibits images of fire-fighters, photographs by the official ground zero photographer and several other artefacts focusing mainly on the gruesome attacks of 9/11. A trip to this place is nothing but an opportunity to remember the most tragic day in the history of the USA.

Lower East Side Tenement

For most culture vultures reserving tickets aboard international flights bound for the USA, this erstwhile home to nearly 7000 immigrants narrates the personal stories of working class challenges. Those who spend on entry tickets to the place ensure their chances of feasting their eyes on world-renowned exhibits that promise to offer a greater understanding of the immigrant experiences of both the past as well as the present time. Quite naturally, this superb attraction remains a compelling stopover for most history buffs who reserve seats aboard flights arriving in the city.

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