New York, the Big Apple is packed with brilliant attractions for the discerning travellers booking tickets on the flights bound to the USA to experience its sheer variety. Here’s a look at the top five attractions of New York, USA for the first timers!

Top 5 Timeless Attractions of New York

Call it Big Apple, or the City that Never Sleeps, New York is a happening place that sizzles with excitement and holds so much in its belly that visitors are completely spoilt for choice. The highly cosmopolitan character of the city remains unmatched not just across the USA but the whole world. The city is crammed full of astounding marvels, activities and attractions luring millions to book tickets aboard USA flights for rewarding holidays. Here are just five of the top sightseeing attractions of the city.

Statue of Liberty

A visit to New York is simply incomplete without checking out the colossal Statue of Liberty, officially called ‘Liberty Enlightening the World.’ This stirring harbinger of freedom and liberty was an international friendship gift by France to USA. Standing on a small island in New York City harbour, this magnificent structure has captivated hearts and souls of millions and millions of travel enthusiasts. In fact, the iconic structure remains the top priority of sightseers who spend on flights tickets and head to this pulsating city of USA.

Times Square

Internationally renowned Times Square, also called ‘Crossroads of the world,’ has a pretty good share in making New York gain the title ‘the city that never sleeps.’ The heartbeat of New York; a global legend, Times Square is a bustling place popularly known for Broadway theatres, cinemas, megastores and massive electronic billboards. Countless hedonists can be seen every night at this appealing neon heart of the city hanging out and revelling in the electrifying ambience here. A visit to the place is among reasons that compel many travellers to preserve their flights tickets as a great reminder of their USA holidays!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one attraction that truly overwhelms and captivates the imagination of the first timers arriving in New York City on international flights. The dramatic cascades of this breathtaking natural wonder and the surrealistic environs make for a perfect haven for nature lovers desirous of calm and peace away from the cacophony of the chaotic world. Several interesting tours are available for an exciting expedition to the falls and countless tourists can be seen making a beeline to the viewing points to get the best views and take pictures that make for long lasting memories.

Brooklyn Bridge

Lying majestically on top of the New York City’s East River, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. This gargantuan bridge was the world’s longest suspension bridge at the time of its completion in 1883. A leisurely stroll across the bridge’s elevated pedestrian walkway is a good way to look at the various hues and shades of the city and the mindboggling skyline straddling it. Nature lovers booking tickets on New York flights usually head to the verdant Brooklyn Bridge Park that is home to an inimitable variety of flora and avifauna.

Empire State Building

Those who have seen ‘An Affair to Remember’ would know the romance that Empire State Building in New York entails! The building houses plenty to admire and appreciate and the observation deck at the 86th floor remains the most popular draw for an impressive 360 degree awe inspiring view of the fascinatingly illuminated New York City. A tour of this one of the tallest buildings in the USA provides maximum bang for the money spent on booking cheap flights tickets and holidays to New York.

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