USA offers infinite reasons to look for tickets on flights to the country. But what tempts arty souls into booking flights tickets to the country is the abundance of art museums that exemplifies the true essence of the country’s artistic side!

Top 4 must visit art museums in the usa

Top 4 Must Visit Art Museums in the USA

‘The Land of Opportunities’, USA packs in a thousand charms to pleasingly surprise its visitors! But what makes this country such a hot spot with artistically inclined souls is its colourful arts and crafts scene! Quite naturally, the astonishingly fantastic spread of thought-provoking galleries and museums in the country impresses even the most discerning souls, tempting them into scouring the Internet for cheap deals for tickets on international flights for a heart-pleasing rendezvous with USA’s dazzling crafts scene. Let’s take a quick tour of some such famous attractions that remain a must visit for any artsy souls spending on tickets deals for USA bound flights.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Located in the city of New York, Metropolitan Museum is one of the largest museums in the USA. It houses more than two million artworks in its permanent collection that has been especially handpicked from different destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Most visitors who book flights tickets for holidays to the USA are more often than not found exploring through its staggering collection of artwork crafted by the likes of Caravaggio, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Renoir, Gauguin and Monet.

National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is USA’s national collection housed in the National Mall in the city of Washington. A mind-boggling treasure trove of knowledge, the place offers an insight into some of the greatest artworks from America and Europe. With its astonishing collection of creative illustrations by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, National Gallery promises everything not only to entertain but also to enrich its visitors who spend on flights tickets to the city with a desire to explore this fabulous attraction.

Paul Getty Museum

For most visitors spending on flights tickets to the country, Paul Getty Museum remains as fascinating an attraction as Egypt’s famous pyramids or India’s Taj Mahal! Beautifully perched in the City of Los Angeles, PaulGettyMuseum is the home to the astounding collection of pre-20th Century European paintings, sculpture, and furnishings. On display is a collection of staggering compilation of 19th and 20th Century photographs from Europe and North America and some must-see artworks to delight interested visitors spending on tickets on flights arriving in USA!

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

For many arty souls spending hours in a beeline before tour operators’ offices to book those lucrative tickets deals on USA bound flights, Los Angeles County Museum of Art remains a compelling attraction. Through its stupefying collection of 100,000 artworks of dating from past to present, it makes for the best place to develop an understanding and appreciation for the pre-Columbian, Latin American art, Asian and Korean artistic collection. In fact, every visitor booking tickets on flights to the country must remember to seek out some time to visit this magnificent attraction.

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