The vivacious city of the US, Washington D.C. is an interesting destination to explore. From its intriguing history to the renowned and unusual attractions, the city has a lot to make tourists curious. It is a city steeped in the classic aura of history and culture. We have shortlisted some prominent and remarkable attractions of Washington D.C.

tourist-attractions-in-washington-dcNational Building Museum

Get a glimpse of what stood on the soil of the city years back when you visit the renowned National Building Museum. It is a leading cultural institution showcasing history through the lens of architecture, engineering, and design together with festivals and public programs.

United States Air Force Memorial

Set adjacent to Arlington Cemetery and overlooking the Pentagon, it is dedicated to the sacrifices of people from the United States Air Force and other forces. Visit to explore the magnificence of power, passion, and patriotism of men and women.

Ford’s Theater

Around 150 years ago, Ford’s Theater made it to the headlines in every nook and corner. President Abraham Lincoln, while attending a play at the theatre was assassinated. Now, tourists from across the world step in here for a sneak peek into its dark history.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Tourists visiting Washington D.C. around the months of March to April cannot miss out on the popular and colourful Cherry Blossom Festival. Immerse in the rejuvenating ambiance to enjoy celebrations of nature’s beauty, whilst cherishing this gift from Japan to the US.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Meticulously designed in Roman architecture, the memorial is dedicated to the country’s third President Thomas Jefferson. He was also the author of the Declaration of Independence to which the entrance of the memorial is dedicated.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

Visit the largest presidential memorial on the National Mall. It boasts more than seven acres of spectacular exposition in honour of Roosevelt’s tenure featuring water displays and stunning statues.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

Inaugurated in the year 2011, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is a metaphorical representation of his thoughts. The split between the two stones captures the thought of a Stone of Hope and the Mountain of Despair.

Old Town Alexandria

Take a break from museums and institutions in the city and drive down to the Old Town Alexandria. Tourists interested in the past of the nation will enjoy discovering the colonial era stories and historical landmarks.

Korean War Veterans Memorial

The Korean War Veterans Memorial honours the sacrifice of 5.8 million brave hearts of the U.S. armed forces. There are numerous statues of soldiers from the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy.

Abraham Lincoln Memorial

Don’t miss this renowned attraction.  The Abraham Lincoln Memorial has witnessed many events including the “I Have a Dream” speech delivered by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963.


The bustling streets of Georgetown exhibit an interesting side of the city. Enjoy fantastic retail therapy and a culinary journey here as this place is called a paradise for shopping and eating.

National Bonsai and Penjing Museum

Experience the magnificence of nature at National Bonsai and Penjing Museum. It features around 200-odd trees and various types of bonsais along with a remarkable 400-year old specimen gifted by a family from Hiroshima, after the WWII bombings.

Lincoln’s Summer Cottage

A historical site and museum with a public library, President Lincoln’s Summer Cottage welcomes tourists with its blissful ambiance. The president visited here to ponder upon the Emancipation Proclamation.

The Fridge

Distinct from famous historical and other landmarks, The Fridge comes as a brisk of fresh air for tourists interested in fusion and art. A friendly gallery in Capitol Hill, it boasts a remarkable aisle of colourful street art, murals, and graffiti.

Library of Congress

Check out the world’s largest library to discover the largely undiscovered facts about a trail of thoughts and events including the Gutenberg Bible and books of Thomas Jefferson.

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