New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to be in Las Vegas, USA. The city erupts in joy, providing fodder for the excitement of those who book flights tickets to get here. Of course, little carefulness will save a lot of trouble and some money.


Las Vegas and New Year’s Celebrations, it’s a sure recipe for a combustible evening! Thousands must be nurturing ideas about spending the last moments of the year at perhaps the most vivacious spot on planet, but it is extremely important that vacationers plan their holidays in a careful manner so as to avoid any untoward accidents/incidents in this USA city. ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ might sound great to slapdash souls but rest assured a depleted bank account will follow you back home! Here is a succinct yet informational guide on how to go about celebrating New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas.

Book Early

There is a time to look for last-minute flights’ tickets and New Year’s Eve is not it, surely not when the flights are supposed to take you to Las Vegas. The city is extremely expensive around the Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and it best to book tickets on flights as early as possible if there has to be any sort of effort to wrap up the trip without being declared bankrupt. Not only flights’ tickets, people must make hotel reservation early to avoid spiralling costs later on. Tour operators will tell you how fast the air fares and room tariffs climb from 20th December onwards.

Be Careful in Hotel Selection

USA’s Vegas is one destination on face of earth where hotels are almost more popular than the attractions of the city. Caesars Palace, the Venetian, Bellagio, the Palazzo…the list of star resorts in Vegas is simply inexhaustible, but of course not everyone can afford a stay at these gaudy places. Let your pocket decide what sort of hotel would you like to end up in. While the star rating is only one aspect, location is a rather important factor when it comes to choosing hotel in the sin city. Remember, there won’t be many cabs and buses at the Strip on New Year’s Eve. Make sure the hotel you are staying in and the venue of your celebration (like nightclub) are close by, otherwise you will end up walking a lot! Of course, those of you who have ‘free tickets’ to street celebrations, nothing is a worry!!

Few Tips for Enjoying Street Celebrations

Las Vegas, USA knows how to party hard and it sure doesn’t need walls and roofs to practise it out. The Strip is closed down from the evening as the entire area erupts like a volcano with colourful confetti of revelries drenching the boulevard. It is the biggest party of the USA and people from far and wide board flights to the USA be here on the day.

• It can get real cold at night. Dress warmly.

• Many hotels lock their doors around the midnight hours, so make sure to reach back on time lest you wish to welcome the New Year out on the streets.

• The Strip can get real crowded during the evening, so if you were thinking something along the lines of serene Maldivian beaches while booking flights tickets you will be rather disappointed. People will be loud and they will be drunk.

• Big crowds are often tickets for pick pockets. Keep your belongings safe.

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