Everyone needs a special place to take out the special someone. So what are the restaurant options in New York, USA for those who want to have a romantic dinner during the Valentine’s Day! Even tourists with NYC flights’ tickets booking would like to know.

Valentine’s Day is not far off and soon people will start looking for means and ways to celebrate the big day of love. Tourists who are in New York, USA or those who have plans to be in the city around the festival must plan a visit to any of the several romantic restaurants in NYC. Of course, the idea of romance can be different for different people. But here is the list of 5 eateries that are most likely to impress the certain someone!

Vice Versa
People will find the Vice Versa a very reasonably priced eatery. It is undoubtedly a romantic place to celebrate the Valentine’s Day and those who indeed choose to have a dinner here will love the fare that’s served. The milieu is elegant and simple and will certainly appeal to cash-conscious young couples who are there in NYC to have a wonderful time. An upscale Italian eatery with reasonably priced menu is how most people will describe the Vice Versa.

One if by Land, Two if By Sea
One if by Land, Two if By Sea could well claim to be the most romantic restaurant in New York! Located in Lower Manhattan, the place is definitely not your usual fine dining eatery and stands out for its unusual interiors. A former carriage house, One if by Land, Two if By Sea features fireplaces, flowers and candle lights, and is surely the one to be at if it is a special place you are looking for after having booked tickets and boarded flights in expectation of spending the ‘V-evening’ in USA’s Big Apple! Budget-conscious travellers may find the joint a bit on the steep side but the aura of the place and the kind of delectable delicacies it doles out certainly makes up for the money lost not only on the bill payment but even on flights’ tickets!!

Love is no ordinary feeling and Loi is no ordinary restaurant! Foreign vacationers who have invested on tickets aboard flights looking to have a great culinary experience in the USA will feel justified squeezing in this elegant dining joint at Upper West Side. Couples will love this relative newcomer’s traditional offerings that make up a four-course meal! To truly get on the flights of ecstatic culinary fancy, round it all off with “Greek Ecstasy,” flourless chocolate cake!

The Top of the Tower Restaurant
Now what sort of romance it would be if there is no rooftop dining involved! The Top of the Tower Restaurant in Beekman Tower Hotel is a dreamy restaurant that sits high above and offers some of the most remarkable views of the New York City, USA. Impress the lady by treating her to a very imaginative menu along with a large selection of signature cocktails! Tourists who always envisaged USA and specifically NYC as a larger than life phenomenon must keep the idea alive by planning a dinner here after reserving air tickets and getting aboard flights bound for USA.

La Promenade des Anglais
Another venue that’s favourite with couples is La Promenade des Anglais. Food here is fantastic and is certainly going to impress even the most love-struck souls who have lost most sense of taste and smell! A specially-designed three-course meal is served to patrons and includes some of the most delectable dishes. Surely, a must experience for people holding tickets, boarding flights and seeking the best USA gastronome venture, Valentine’s Day or not!

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