Just as the season changes to spring, Loch Haven Park prepares itself for the annual Orlando Fringe Festival. The 26th edition of the 14-day festival will kick off on the 16th of May and continue till 29th May. Promising two weeks of fun and entertainment, the city’s most popular festival has loads on offer. Take a look.

History of the festival

Originally created by Terry Olson, Andy Anthony and Rick Kunst in 1992, Orlando Fringe is the largest running Fringe Festival in the United States. The festival, regarded by many a unique cultural event, is largely acknowledged as the “Best Festival” in Florida.


About the festival

Orlando Fringe aims to inspire creative excellence through theatre and arts across communities in the United States. Held annually at the Loch Haven Park, the festival features performances from a wide range of artists from different schools and genres. Events and activities at the festival focus on different age groups. Visual Fringe and Kids Fringe are the most well known segments of the festival.

Visual Fringe

Visual Fringe is dedicated to the visual arts. As a celebration of creativity, Visual Fringe creates a comfortable open space for artists to bring out their unique thoughts in the form of paintings. Exhibitions at the Visual Fringe highlight originally crafted works of prominent artists and painters from across the world.

Kids Fringe

Kids Fringe hosts performances, workshops and other hands-on activities for the kids. A perfect platform for kids to sing, play, dance, create and learn, Kids Fringe is loved by budding artists and their parents. Kids centric movies, theatre shows, dance performances and educational programmes are other attractions at Kids Fringe.

Event Line-up

Making her way to the 2017 edition of Orlando Fringe is the musical and Broadway star, Carrie Manolakos. Movies, theatre shows, musicals, documentaries and comedy shows are organised at the Fringe. The BYOV Teaser Show (the 2 minute live teasers and trailers of over 50 visiting shows), The Midnight Cabaret, Brief History of Petty Crime, Exit Through the D*UCK Show, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: The Unofficial Musical, 25 Pass, 10 Pass, Biblical Fan Fiction, and An Ordinary Life are some of the shows to look forward to at the Fringe. Theatre shows and musicals are the top attractions at the festival.

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