Booking tickets on flights for visiting the magnificent Niagara Falls in the USA is a sure-fire way to plunge into an ocean of ecstasy. Surrounding this iconic landmark are plenty of attractions that promise a whale of time to all.

Think of waterfalls, and the name ‘Niagara Falls’ immediately comes in mind. One of the most sought-after landmarks in the USA, this magnificent waterfall is amazingly captivating and packs in many enthralling experiences for vacationers who book tickets aboard flights arriving in the country. Niagara Falls is, in fact, a collective name for three waterfalls that form the highest flow rate of any waterfalls in the world. It is located on the international border of Canada and the USA, and literally is one of the rare prerogatives that leave holidaymakers gloating over their decision of bagging flights tickets for a remarkable holiday in the nation.

Experiencing-niagara-falls-and-its-wondrous-attractionsGiven the wealth of intriguing attractions around this natural wonder, it has become a port of call for almost every tourist booking travel tickets for holidaying in the enchanting city of Niagara Falls, New York. Beholding the breathtaking sights of thundering torrent is truly a feast for the eyes. Besides, this place boasts a number of exciting activities that overwhelm the tykes and adults at the same time.

Cave of Winds

Situated behind the Bridal Veil Falls, this cave takes one closer to the billowing torrents of the fall. It was detected in 1834, and was originally dubbed Aeolus (Greek god of winds) Cave. After descending 175 feet down into the Niagara Gorge, one can witness the exhilarating, heart-stopping views of rushing waters from a mere distance of 20 feet. Rainbows are often visible day and night. This mind-blowing experience is truly well worth the money tourists invest on buying tickets for flights and visiting this lovely place.

Goat Island

It is a small island situated in the Niagara River and appeals largely to the ones who grab tickets aboard flights for a thrilling holiday in the USA. Here, one can experience sheer scenery of both the American and Canadian waterfalls along with an enchanting flora & fauna at the island. Goat Island has no resident, and has been preserved as parkland. The spectacular views of the iconic and glorious Prospect Point and the NY State Observation Tower also leave the visitors enchanted.

Adventure Theatre

Exclusively designed to tickle the fancy of families as well as adventure-lovers, this exciting attraction is located at the State Park Visitor Centre. A 40-minute film ‘Niagara: Legends of Adventure’ is shown on a 45-feet screen that brings reality to life. The film delivers the story of Niagara Fall explorers and daredevils. Given the cutting-edge photographic technique and full sensory sound system, watching the movie is truly an unforgettable experience that leaves tourists gloating over their decision of buying tickets on cheap flights and holiday deals for this fascinating place in the USA.

Maid of Mist Boat Tour

This world famous boat tour is truly a heart-throbbing experience, and entices adventure-buffs in hordes to grab tickets aboard flights for a thrilling holiday in this USA city. Enthusiasts keen on rafting below the falls need to go at the Prospect Point in the State Park: the starting point of the course. Once there, they will be provided with waterproof clothes along with necessary guidelines. A trained guide will be onboard to ensure the rafters a safe ride.

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