New York, with its heady mix of nature, culture and history, overwhelms tourists of all profiles. Those spending on air tickets aboard flights to sojourn this leading USA metropolis in the winter month of January also get a mesmerising holiday experience. This article takes a peek!


Holidaymakers booking air tickets and hotel deals for sojourning New York in the month of January get a superb holiday experience. From shopping in SoHo to wandering through captivating Central Park and dining at the top of the Empire State Building to watching a Broadway Show; there is so much to get engrossed in at this dynamic USA metropolis. The countless possibilities lure even the blasé travellers into making beeline for cheap flights deals for January vacation here. Whilst the weather is still a bit chilly, tourists can warm up in style relishing city’s myriad cultural, natural and metropolitan charms. For those making first tryst with the Big Apple, here is a quick guide for January expedition in New York.

January is the coolest month in New York and features a very chilly weather. Temperature can go down to as low as -5°C. Cool winds blow in day time and rainfall too is quite frequent. But given that most hotels in this lively city feature AC with blowers, tourists can warm themselves up after a long day of sightseeing and other excursions. New York is also prone to snowstorms. So tourists contemplating to buy air tickets for winter flights to the metropolis should research well about the weather.

What to Wear and Pack
The city can get extremely chilly during the month of January; therefore it is advisable to carry warm woollen clothes, a fleece jacket and a windbreaker. Packing a raincoat or a compact umbrella will also be handy, as it can rain anytime in this lively city of USA. Don’t forget sturdy boots that go with the weather to keep your feet warm and dry. A hat, a scarf, gloves and some extra pairs of socks are other essentials for holidaymakers boarding flights for the city in this winter season. Carry your camera to capture astounding beauty of landscapes and other mesmerising moments on the trip.

What to See and Do
Not without reasons is this Big Apple of the USA considered as a holidaymaker’s paradise. January, an off-peak season primarily due to the chilly winter, sees reduced influx of tourists. While the indoor activities become the preferred choice for many, the charm of outdoor activities is still overwhelming. There is something to relish for everyone arriving here in January – spanning indoor events, concerts and theatre, broadway shows and performances to enjoying winter scenery and history at the beautiful Central Park, breathtaking views of the city from the top of the Empire State of Building, shopping and dining to your heart’s content at lively Times Square – choices are simply endless. Some of the perennial must-visit places for vacationers spending on tickets aboard New York flights include Museum of Natural History, the Great Lakes, Waterways the Hudson River, Bronx Zoo and the beautiful the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Winter is a great time to grab bargain basement prices not just for flights tickets and accommodations, but also tickets to many Broadway Shows because of the fewer crowd.

The sprawling cosmopolitan city of USA, New York boasts five boroughs, each with unique culture and charms. Where to stay depends largely upon which part of the metropolis you want to explore. With many popular tourist attractions and a broad range of accommodation options, Manhattan is often considered a good choice to stay during New York holidays. Tourists contemplating to grab air tickets for vacationing in New York can also find their most suited accommodation in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Lodging facilities around the Time Square also fit the bill of all and sundry.

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