As commonly seen; any famous place is only famous for the obvious, and the other amazing possibilities of the same are blatantly ignored. Such is the case with Los Angeles. Most people will only associate it with the obvious things such as Hollywood, and the high life, all the glitz and glamour that money can buy. However there is much more than that to LA and it’s about time you cast an unbiased glance at its many other remarkable aspects that hold the true essence of its culture and history.


Visit San Clemente

A mere one and a half hours away from the hustle of the busy city, there is San Clemente, where you will be able to have the sweet taste of the simple life. This rustic Spanish looking town has three splendid beaches where you can head for those traditional picnics, complete with your wicker baskets and sun hats and red and white check cloth as the spread. These beaches also offer opportunity for surfing which makes it a perfect holiday spot, away from the mainstream city. There are cosy little bars and cafes where you can enjoy food and drinks with your friends and family, when you are done seeping in the true beauty and scenic finesse of this place.

Live the Malibu life

What is as perfect as a beach condo where you can relax all day, surf and swim when you feel like, and sip on fine wines and cocktails while working up that tan? Malibu is one of the most luxurious, laid back and picturesque beach fronts in the country and you are sure to have an amazing time here with your friends or family. This is the perfect place to get away from all your work and crazy schedules for a while and simply take time to appreciate life in its most natural form.

Griffith Park Experience

This is something you shouldn’t miss if you are an adventure lover. There are several hiking trails here and you can pick any of them to work on your fitness while being able to breathe fresh air and enjoy the view from the top. There are picnic grounds, tennis courts, baseball fields and so on. Besides, there is the Griffith Park Zoo that you can visit too (which has been converted into a recreational area) making it one of the most ideal places for a holiday with your friends or family or alone. Parch a hammock somewhere under a glorious sycamore tree and watch the day go by or go visit the Hollywood sign from the Lake Hollywood Park, around from the Canyon lake Drive.

Go to Disneyland

Needless to state you are going to have a lot of fun here. Go and enjoy the fun rides with your friends or family and be a part of the absolute madness, revisit your childhood memories and make the most of the time that you have here. Enjoy the simple pleasures like a candy bar, a hot dog, an ice-cream, or take shots at shooting rings and take your favourite stuffed toy home!

Head to Los Angeles County Art Museum

It is one of the largest museums in the country, and if you are looking to understand the history, art and culture of any place, museums are the place to be. You can make a day out of it and walk through the corridors learning about the origin of the country one frame at a time. It is one of the most interesting things to do, to understand the beginning of America and how it became the nation that it is today. So go ahead and take this art trip and enrich your knowledge.

Eat around at some of the most fantastic restaurants and bars in the vicinity and you will fall in love with typical American cuisine. Take a random stroll or a bike ride, your camera in tow, and click whatever interests you. You will be able to capture the beauty of LA through your own lens and it could be the most beautiful travel experience of your life.

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