USA is one of the few countries on the face of earth that promises extremes of adventure and ultimate of satiety to daring hearts. Here is a rundown to some of the most chilling experiences that make tickets on USA bound flights as precious as gold!


No matter what type of outdoor adventure activity you desire – water, sea or air – USA is definitely the right place for enjoying the most frightening, outdoor experience of your lifetime. With countless natural wonders including rivers, mountains, national parks, coastal gems and much more, the nation bursts at the seams and often poses dilemma of what to do and where to go. Adventure hunters planning to invest on tickets aboard USA flights can checkout the below mentioned suggestions and design their trip accordingly!

Ice climbing in Valdez, Alaska
Keystone Canyon in Valdez is a very place where you realise the true meaning of ice climbing. It is one of the well-known spots in Valdez and enjoys immense popularity for its accessibility, quality, and length of routes. Located around 13 miles outside of Valdez, it requires only five to ten minutes hike to reach the base of deep blue ice. Keystone Greensteps and Bridalveil Falls are the most notable routes in addition to other quality routes. With all this and much more, the place is highly-acclaimed among every ice climbing aficionado and adventurer who books flights tickets to taste the spicy flavours of American thrill.

Cruising through Glacier Bay in Alaska
Alaska is a diamond in the rough that offers some of the boldest experience to thrill seekers. And one of them is cruising through the marvellous Glacier Bay and Prince William Sound. Almost every daring-heart who visits this place falls head over heels in love with the mesmerising landscapes, the Dall’s porpoises, Steller’s sea lions and bald eagles. They cannot help but succumb to the eternal spell that fascinating wildlife casts on them. Beholding the local humpback whales is another iconic experience that remains etched in the mind of all these visitors. Besides, one can also enjoy sea kayaking amid icebergs and climbing on glaciers.

Experience the Real Wilderness in Everglade, Florida
Expedition to Everglade, Florida is renowned to give new significance to adventure vacations in USA. The iconic national park is a heaven for the fans of epic outdoors. Be it nature lovers seeking an escape or the blasé adventurer on a quest for extremes, the place has everything to feed the hunger of sheer thrill. In addition to wide-ranging water sports like sailing, snorkelling and diving to immerse into, it also boasts some of the most frightening trails to revel in. No one can afford to miss out on a sight of the American crocodile, the endangered species. Move to southern Everglades and behold the only ecosystem on the face of the earth where crocodiles and alligators coexist.

Night dive with manta rays off Big Island, Hawaii
Certainly, this is one of the most breathtaking thrills that increase the demand for cheap air tickets for the USA flights by leaps and bounds. Global travellers from far and wide plan their tour to Hawaii and bask in the night diving off Big Island. They adore the remarkable underwater show performed by manta rays dancing along with parrotfish, goatfish and beautiful cowries.

Hiking Boynton Canyon, Arizona
Hiking along the enchanting rock formations of Boynton Canyon is the sure-fire way to immerse into the essence of wilderness. It is one of the renowned hiking trails in USA and stretches about three miles into an abyssal canyon. It also boasts the ancient Sinaguan Indian ruins along the way. The Vortex Walk remains the star attraction and certain reason that make hikers gloating over their decision of booking tickets on Arizona bound flights.

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