Las Vegas, a city of glitz and glamour, holds same charms for well-healed as it does for budget travellers buying cheap tickets on flights for holidaying in this USA’s Sin City. This article highlights a few of the enthralling yet free attractions that Vegas has to offer.


Why do people come to Las Vegas? To fulfil their fantasies, of course! With a host of unmatchable pleasures in its every nook and cranny, this most vibrant city of the USA promises hedonists who spend on tickets on flights arriving here an experience like never before! After all, Las Vegas is where committing sin is a religion. While it’s gambling that obviously fuels the ever-growing tourism sector, night entertainment is the other big draw. Then there are excellent museums, amazing exhibitions and cosmopolitan shopping experience that keep the tourists enthralled. All in all, buying flight tickets for vacationing in the Sin City of USA turns into an incredible holiday experience that lasts a lifetime.

Given the wealth of free attractions and playful activities galore, Las Vegas entices not just the well-heeled, but ordinary folks too, looking for a little luck and some fun here without shelling out much. No wonder tons of budget travellers plan a cheap and pleasurable holiday to Las Vegas every year. And what adds cherry on the top is the abundance of airlines and travel agents offering cheap flights tickets deals and tour packages for holiday in this entertainment capital of the USA. Given below are some fascinating, yet cost-effective tourist attractions in Las Vegas.

Bellagio Fountains: One of the most fascinating and free attractions in Las Vegas, Bellagio Fountains offers a breathtaking spectacle and catches fancy of almost every tourist buying tickets for flights arriving here. The fountains sit on an 8.5-acre lake and create a spellbinding synchronisation of water, music and light. The gushing water soars as high as 460 feet and dance beautifully to opera, classic and other popular tunes.

Bellagio Conservatory: Another gem that shines in the crown of the Strip, the Bellagio Conservatory calms the senses with a breathtaking display of plants, flowers and other natural elements. This wonderful indoor garden features 5 different displays, based on seasons, and is an intriguing retreat for family tourists as well as botanists who spend on flights tickets to travel this glorious city of the USA. Plenty of recreational, educational and entertainment amenities also leave visitors gloating over their decision of purchasing entry tickets to the Conservatory.

Welcome to Las Vegas Sign: Situated on the Las Vegas Boulevard, south of Mandalay Bay, this piece of history entices hordes of tourists to take snapshots with it. The sign was designed by a local salesman named Betty Wills and is unique in shape, style and content. A favourite spot to take wedding and engagement, it is visited by a number of love-struck couples who spend on tickets aboard Las Vegas flights. There is a good parking space near this landmark.

Mirage Volcano: Have you ever seen an active volcano right in front of a posh hotel? Head to this place and fix your fancy during Vegas tour. The Mirage volcano, which has been grumbling and erupting since 1989, is truly a feast for eyes and a must-visit place for visitors booking cheap flights for a budget holiday in this USA’s enthralling metropolis. Surrounding the volcano is an artificial lagoon with fire and smoke effect that give the place a natural look.

Alternatively, Sirens of TI, Fall of Atlantis and the beautiful Lake Mead are some other fitting places for budget tourists booking air tickets and holiday deals for Las Vegas, USA.

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