The thought of a Las Vegas holiday brings to mind thrilling casino experiences, non-stop fun, great food, unlimited alcohol, and outrageous BILLS! However, the BILLS part need not be true. A budget traveller can have as much fun in the Sin City without emptying the bank balance. Here are some tips for enjoying Las Vegas to the fullest on a budget.

Time it Right

Las Vegas Holidays

Right timing for visiting Las Vegas is important to save loads of money on accommodation. Preferably, visit the Sin City during the slow season, which is around July, August and mid-December. Also, plan your trip around mid-week, when the place is still buzzing with life but you get to avoid overwhelming crowds and save money on hotel stays. Travellers can also make hotel reservations for a room for two guests, but have four people stay overnight, in two large beds, and share the expense.

Gulp Down Free Alcohol

If you’re clever, you don’t need to spend even a penny on drinks in Vegas! Remember that drinks and cocktails are free for gamblers and for those playing the slots. And if you tip the waitress (start with $5, then $1-2 for each drink afterwards), you can enjoy plenty of fine booze.  

Buy Cheap Deals on Tickets

Travellers can reach Las Vegas via a road trip pretty cheaply or they can look out for cheap deals by local airlines. Airlines often offer cheap tickets for Las Vegas and other such famous destinations…always watch out for such deals.

Use Public Transport

Another way to save lots of bucks is by using public transportation instead of the pricey cabs. Ticket prices for monorail, for one-time ride, unlimited one-day pass or unlimited three-day pass are very cheap. So, avoid shelling out money for cab rides and use buses and trains wherever possible.


Have brunch buffets instead of breakfast and lunch separately. Most hotels offer brunches at around 11am every day. Also, these brunches are pretty reasonably priced as compared to dinner buffets at the same hotels. For dinners, visit hotels after 10:30 pm at ‘Reverse Happy Hours’ to relish the best food at dirt cheap prices. Most restaurants discontinue serving food at around 10:30pm, but due to late night shows and long gambling sprees, a culture has developed, wherein hotels offer food and drinks for very cheap prices post-10 or 11 pm.

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