Miami is one of those places where there’s always something new to be discovered. So, if you’ve already sunbathed till tanned, know all of the city’s art galleries, experienced its bustling nightlife and feasted at all of its popular restaurants, it’s time we introduce you to some of the hidden gems in Miami that only locals know about.

Take our list, and get set for guaranteed fun. Here goes:

The Kampong

The Kampong is a nature lover’s paradise. Sprawling across 9 acres in the Coconut Grove neighbourhood of Miami, the Kampong boasts plant species from around the world. The visitors are treated to the lush vistas of Spanish and South East Asian-inspired expansive estates. There are banyan trees, salt-water mangroves, flowering trees including palms and cycads that make this park a perfect place for family walks as well as romantic strolls amidst cool environments of the park.

Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple

Located in the Redlands; a local favourite for discovering the berry farms, historical villages, parks with exotic fruits, gorgeous orchids, and excellent wineries; the Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple is hidden gem that makes the already beautiful Redlands even more appealing because of its presence. Surrounded by bougainvillea, the Buddhist temple is great place to interact with local monks who welcome all visitors, irrespective of their faith and belief, with open arms to explore the temple. An excellent place for some silent reflection, Wat Buddharangsi Buddhist Temple has a desirable peace and calm prevailing over it.

Stoneage Antiques

If history excites you and you love vintage items and antiques, the Stoneage store will be the place you won’t feel like leaving. Situated on the Miami River, the place is filled with absolutely astonishing items; from as early as the 18th century, taking you back in time and inducing a serious case of nostalgia. You will find cannons to nautical objects and pick-up trucks to ancient wagons here, objects that your father and grand-father used to describe in their stories.

The Little Farm House

Feel like part of a dream film sequence at the vibrant The Little Farm House near the Miami River. Spread over 1 acre, this property has featured in many films and photo shoots due to its picturesque surroundings. A 1200-acre farm, a two-storey boathouse as well as six eclectic cottages welcome guests here. As you roam around discovering the property, you will have an encounter with wild ducks, chickens, iguanas as well as manatees drifting away on the river around. The area is also lined with many exotic and indigenous trees, a fact that makes The Little Farm House a favourite with nature and greenery lovers.

Rouge’s Courtyard

Looking to treat your taste buds to unparalleled French flavours in Miami? Rouge’s Courtyard is your best bet. Located around the North Beach, the restaurant offers a unique fusion of French flavours with those from Morocco and Spain to have the customers keep coming for more. Though the food is sumptuous and something you would remember for long time to come, the stunning courtyard of this bistro scores those brownie points. The Moroccan architecture and design, replete with fireplaces and colourful bougainvillea plants, makes you want to spend to spend night-after-night here, listening to the live jazz music.

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