What are the first few images that strike you when someone mentions Las Vegas? Let us guess; the nights of unending parties, gambling, shopping and every possible form of entertainment on the Vegas Strip. And you are not alone as Vegas almost entirely is known for its luxurious and glamorous offerings. But for those who are looking to explore it beyond the obvious, there are plenty of avenues.

Here are top five things you can do in Las Vegas if you are bored at the Strip:



Las Vegas Motor Speedway

One for the seekers of thrill, Las Vegas Motor Speedway in the city is a favourite among adventure car enthusiasts. You can ride some of the best fantasy cars here including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Nissan, and Audi. The visitors are given a basic lesson on driving techniques and the racing track following which they are ushered to their chosen cars. What follows is five laps of incredible adrenaline rush and an experience that you will narrate for years to come.


Not many people know Vegas beyond the strip and its casinos.  But for those who explore a little, it is easy to be lead to the Grand Canyon where the ultimate skydiving experience awaits them. Equally alluring for the first-timers and experienced skydivers, this experience lets you jump right above the South Rim and take a free fall at the speed of 220km/h. If you opt for a tandem jump, which most people do, the sky diving instructor assigned to you lets you fall free before he/she opens the parachute, after which point you find yourself staring at the mesmerising vistas of the cliffs and mountains as you reach toward the solid ground.

Visit Range 702

If you have spent a lot of your time contemplating what will happen if there’s a zombie attack, or worse how you will defend the planet, Range 702, the largest shooting range in Nevada, gives you the answer. You are given various high-powered  fully-automatic weapons including an M4, a 12 gauge shotgun, a Smith & Wesson Governor, and a Glock 17 to practise at zombie targets. Located at a close proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, the shooting range that has 16 dedicated shooting lanes is touted as the ‘Ultimate Shooting Experience’ in Las Vegas.

Flyboarding Experience over Lake Las Vegas

There are only a few experiences that are as exhilarating as flying over the waves of water on a flyboard propelled by the pressure of water. The seekers of the experience are given basic instructions before the session by trained experts. You are given a pair of boots that is powered with water pressure technology. As you start standing on your own feet on the flyboard in the water, and learn to control your weight on the water, the pressure can take you as high as 50 feet in the air. Once you are comfortable, you can do the spins and dives in the water like a free bird.

Explore the Desert of Nevada on an ATV

Beyond the glitz and glamour that Vegas is known for lies the Valley of Fire, an expansive state park located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert. Pick an ATV of your choice or hop on a dune buggy and set yourself up for a thrilling adventure. You will encounter huge stretches of sand dunes and untouched trails in this red sandstone-laced park. As you zoom past these dunes, you will feel like your favourite stars from the movies Star Trek and Transformers as many of these scenic trails feature in these mega movies.

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