USA is a diverse travel destination with numerous lures suitable for multiple groups of travellers. One of the popular destinations in USA is Chicago, which offers its visitors a range of alternative touring options. Read on to know more.

The United States of America and its many leading cities rank among the most popular visitor attractions in the country. Among the leading metropolises of this diverse nation is Chicago, which is popularly known as “The Windy City”. This metropolis has played a crucial role in shaping the present day USA with notorious yet popular gangsters like Al Capone calling it their home. Additionally, it was one of the earliest transportation hubs of the country and presently, it is home to the Chicago O’Hare Airport, which handles thousands of international flights from all over the world. Though tickets to various in-city excursions are in high demand throughout the year, following are some of the lesser know touring options for this USA metropolis.

hyde-parkThe Greenest Tour
This is one of the greenest ways to get around in USA for those buying tickets on international flights terminating in Chicago. Most of the nearby areas are replete with numerous designated bicycle tracks that make this urban centre one of the easiest places to navigate on a bike. Currently a few leading operators offer guided biking trips which cover key scenic locations such as the lake front as well as points of historic interest like Hyde Park. Moreover, such tours operate both during the day as well as the night-time.

the-healthiest-tourThe Healthiest Tour
Doctors all over the world are advising their patients to jog or run each day, but the running tours offered at this USA metropolis are truly a class apart. Currently offered as an interactive guided excursion across various parts of this urban centre, all are welcome irrespective of age. These runs cover a total distance of about five kilometres and are offered throughout the week multiple times a day. Anyone who buys tickets on Chicago bound flights in search of new experiences can ill-afford to miss out on this unique adventure.

the-public-transport-tourThe Public Transport Tour
Nowadays, every country and indeed every city markets itself as a leading tourist-friendly destination so that more travellers make a mad scramble for tickets onboard flights terminating at a specific destination. In Chicago, the recently launched Greeter tour offered by the city itself is an excellent way to see the sights while familiarizing oneself with the public transport options on offer in this leading urban centre of USA. Those on a shoestring budget like students and backpackers who book flights to this populous urban area would definitely benefit as no tickets are required to be part of this unique trip.

the-riverwalkThe Pedestrian’s Delight
The Riverwalk is one of the best places to visit in The Windy City as it is full of open spaces, lush greenery and a general serenity that is sure to give flights to the fancies of even the most discerning holidaymakers visiting the USA. Divided in separate sections like the Confluence, Arcade, Civic and Market, this part of town is best explored on foot. As one whets ones appetite by walking from one place to another, trying out the numerous snacks offered in the area are sure to become a high priority. Though the area features unrestricted access for locals and visitors, tickets to conducted trips of the area are also available for travellers so inclined.

the-food-tourThe Food Tour
Gourmands who disembark flights in this popular USA urban area are sure to be spoilt for choice considering the wide range of cuisine on offer. In response to popular demand, a few of the local tour operators are currently providing food tours to international tourists arriving here. But food tastings are only a small part of this delicious experience as one gets to visit many of the historic neighbourhoods as an added bonus. One should definitely book their tickets for this memorable experience early as these tours are in high demand round the year.

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