Sharjah has an extraordinary cultural history and offers a great deal to visitors netting flights tickets to this place. Identified as the ‘Cultural Capital of the Arab World’, Sharjah has a large number of choices like souks, beautiful mosques and scenic waterfronts.


Sharjah, the third largest of the UAE emirates, is ideal for visitors who are arriving on flights to the region and are looking forward to exploring and experiencing the rich Arabic culture and heritage. It has a number of art galleries, museums as well as refurbished heritage locations. Visitors planning to net flights tickets for Sharjah will be able to witness the rendezvous of history and tradition here. Moreover, with the Gulf Of Oman on the east and the Arabian Gulf on the west, it has a diverse geographical landscaping which includes deserts as well as beaches. Travellers scramble for flights tickets to this emirate during the winter season as the temperature is perfect for sightseeing. For an extraordinary experience, visitors just need to board flights and head to Sharjah.

Al Qasba
Tourists love this prime location in Sharjah as it offers a plethora of Arabic -tradition based leisure and cultural attractions and entertainment. Set alongside a very striking waterfront, Al Qasba is venerated as the cultural hub and continues to be a top favourite with holidaymakers reserving tickets on flights to this magnificent place. Travellers can just sit back and enjoy the Arabian theatre and arts along with family or friends. Moreover, they can dine on delicious Arabian cuisine in one of the many famous dining options in and around Al Qasba.

Al Hisn
Al Hisn is located in the centre of Old Sharjah and is a two-storey fort which was constructed in 1820. Holidaymakers disembarking flights at this destination can witness the rich local history at Al His. It has been converted into a museum and has a display of exhibits of weighing scales, old coins, arms, ammunitions, maps and plenty of portraits and photographs. Visitors can also obtain a taste of the Arabian history which will be truly worth the cost of tickets for flights to this place!

Sharjah Aquarium
Travellers can be a part of an incredible experience at the aquatic world of the Sharjah Aquarium, which is spread across two floors and has around 20 aquariums. Being the largest government-aided learning centre in UAE, it offers a rich and multi-hued world of marine creatures. Visitors setting out to reserve tickets for flights to the Emirate of Sharjah can discover a wide range of marine creatures here, starting from reef sharks to seahorses to rays and fishes. With around 250 marine species, this is one place that is quite popular among holidaymakers.

Souqs (markets) in Sharjah
Markets called Souks are very famous in Sharjah and offer many interesting items like jewellery, cosmetic, carpets and perfumes. Also, there are numerous shopping malls as well as brand outlets and local shops dotted all over the city. Leisure holidaymakers can surely net flights tickets for some shopping extravaganza in the city with all these great shopping areas and complexes. Some notable Souks are The Central Market with around 600 shops, The Blue Souq and the oldest souq in UAE, Souq-al-Arash.

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