Mesmeric land of Muscat tempts the avid vacationer to pack bags and look for flights tickets deals for a tour of Oman. Be it wonderful exhibits at Bait al-Baranda or the enormity of Sultan Qaboos, attractions in Muscat entices people no end!

Muscat, the glorious capital of Oman, is a city that really loves to celebrate its incredible legacy and astounding cultural lineage. Heaps of keen vacationers who seek a date with something out of the ordinary land up at their travel agents’ office to get their hands around cheap deals of flights tickets for an affordable tour of Muscat! The remarkable aura that resonates with colours of different shades makes this capital city of Oman a must see for every soul that prides itself as a true blue traveller! The entire place is a sort of jamboree of vivid sightseeing gems, but there are few spots and specks that truly bring out the tourist in you and tempt you to seek airline tickets on international flights to the destination Oman!

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

A grand mosque that truly treats the pious in you! Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is billed as the third largest mosque in the world and is stunning work of architecture that not only allows the devoted souls to pray for the almighty but also offers more than just a peek into the incandescent cultural panorama of the place. Holiday makers who made reservations for their flights tickets in order to greet the wonderful heritage of Oman can surely start off from here. Non-Muslims can enter the complex but it is highly advisable to be appropriately dressed when visiting the mosque. Women visitors must cover their heads, wrists and ankles while at the place.

Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace

Qasr Al Alam Royal Palace is an architectural wonder that sets hearts racing. An incredibly beautiful palace, Qasr Al Alam surely calls for a visit after grabbing tickets on flights to the city. Of course, one cannot enter the palace and the office of the ruler of Oman but you can most definitely express awe at the architecture and click away some pictures at the entrance of the regal palace. Al Mirani and Al Jalali Forts, former prisons around the Qasr Al Alam, can be visited by the tourists.

Al-Riyam Park

Green thumbs booking their travel tickets on international flights to Oman can ill afford to miss the serene beauty of Al-Riyam Park. A perfect spot for a family picnic or a fine retreat for those looking to escape the city bustle, the park allows the guests to enjoy the enchanting views of the harbour. This green stretch, without a doubt, offers a calming perspective to holiday makers bagging tickets on Muscat flights!

Bait al-Baranda Museum

What better place than a museum to seek the utterly splendid tentacles of a cultural giant! Housed in a beautiful 1930s house, the Bait al-Baranda Museum offers a different and interesting look into the city and country. One can find not only local and national exhibits waiting for the visitors, but also international ones. Hugely popular among kids, the museum sure makes a star attraction in the travel and sightseeing schedule of families booking tickets for seats on flights bound to Muscat

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