It makes sense to be aware of different facets of travelling to UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi. Britons booking tickets on flights to the emirate for the first time must get acquainted to entry requisites, best time, airport info, etc.


UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi is one of the most scintillating holiday destinations and has long caught the fancy of millions worldwide including a fair share of Britons. The stimulating smorgasbord of attractions and activities in the emirate has literally forced many to scramble for tickets onboard flights bound for Abu Dhabi. Take a look at different aspects of holidays to Abu Dhabi from London intended for first-time flyers booking tickets on flights arriving in the city in the UAE.

Entry Requirements

• Visa: FCO states that for stays of up to 30 days, Britons do not require a visa to enter Abu Dhabi. For extension of stays for a further 30 days, one may visit an immigration office in the UAE and pay an extension fee.

• Passport: The passport must be valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of arrival in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Best time to Visit
The most ideal time to book tickets on flights arriving in Abu Dhabi is from November to April. These months are usually sunny and clear days with a light breeze and pleasantly cold nights, which makes it an apt time to indulge in outdoor sightseeing and activities. The summer months of May to September remain scorching hot and humid and are best avoided by visitors to the UAE.

Popular Airlines
A number of airlines offer tickets aboard UAE bound flights to the city of Abu Dhabi from different London airports. From London Heathrow, some of the major and popular carriers running flights to the island are Etihad, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Gulf Airways. UAE’s national carrier, Etihad Airways remains one of the preferred choices of airlines for direct flights to the city from London Heathrow and Manchester Airport. UK’s national airline, British Airways offers tickets on direct flights to the destination from London Heathrow. Qatar Airways offers air tickets from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi via Doha, while Gulf Air operates flights from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi via Bahrain.

Airport Information
One of the busiest international airports in the UAE, Abu Dhabi International Airport is also one of the world’s fastest growing in terms of passenger traffic, new airlines and infrastructural development. It acts as one of the major aviation hubs in the UAE and handles more than 40 renowned airlines serving over 93 destinations around the globe. It is home to a large number of retail outlets, cafes, bars and restaurants for fliers booking air tickets aboard flights to and from the airport. It is located at a distance of around 38kms southeast of the city centre and is well connected to the rest of the destination by various modes of transportation. There are public bus services, taxis, private shuttles, etc. Taxis are the fastest and easiest way to get to different city points from the airport. Public buses depart every 40 minutes and takes 45 minutes to reach city centre from the aerodrome.

Accommodation Options
There is simply no dearth of excellent accommodation choices in UAE’s emirate of Abu Dhabi. A host of options are available at hand to suit every budget, taste and preference. Be it a desire for ultra-luxurious resorts, mid-range accommodations for cheap hotels, Abu Dhabi simply has it all. Fairmont Bab Al Bahr and Grand Millennium Al Wahda are a couple of ultra-luxurious hotels fit for those with fat wallets booking tickets on flights to the city. Mafraq Hotel, Al Diar Dana Hotel, Sands Hotel and Al Diar Capital Hotel are a few picks for budget travellers. An on-site airport hotel, Abu Dhabi Airport Hotel is also available to accommodate travellers in transit and is at Terminal 1.

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