Thailand is for bachelors’ is a quondam quotation! Even romantic couples, of course before having a baby, can have whale of a time after booking tickets on flights and holiday deals for this Southeast Asian nation! Read on to know how and where in Thailand!


Having a baby, you feel changed not just the way you live, but the way you travel as well.  Right from perambulator to diaper bags and milk bottle to toys; holidaying with kids is not as cushy as one might think!

So before you plan to welcome a new member in your life, why not to have an enthralling vacation with your partner! Thailand, with its pristine beaches, stunning architecture and a range of exciting adventures, is a great place to go and celebrate the togetherness. Here is a list of exotic destinations in Thailand one should visit before having kids!

Phuket: Thailand’s largest and most exotic island is jam packed with many attractions that suit youths and couples, alike. From surfing to snorkelling, the destination has a lot to give your adrenaline a requisite rush, with plentiful water adventures. Scintillating beaches, magnificent landscapes and pulsating nightlife are some other prerogatives of booking travel tickets aboard flights landing in the country. Make sure you have enough time at hand to enjoy wonderful outdoors in Phuket. (Of course, difficult to do with kids)

Bangkok: Colourful nightlife, magnificent temples, endless of shopping and mouth-watering cuisines – this is Bangkok for all!! Enjoy the unmatched grace of Grand Palace; lovers are sure to be mesmerised by the tranquil ambience inside this one of the most popular landmarks in Thailand. Wat Arun and Wat Phro are two other architectural wonderments in the city. Shopping in Chatuchak Weekend Market will also be an unforgettable experience, well worth the cost of air tickets on flights and holiday deals for the Thai capital. No doubt, all this and even more can be best enjoyed without a stroller in hand!

Pattaya: No wonder its gorgeous nightlife and fun-filled beaches make it a perfect place for fun-aficionados. But this beach town is much more than just an adulterous destination. Be it visiting the nearby Elephant Village or exploring unique spiritual essence at the Sanctuary of Truth; every moment in Pattaya is a cherishing moment that lives up to every penny spent on tickets and other holiday expenses. But remember, you wouldn’t be able to plunge in Pattaya’s real pleasures with a baby!

Chiang Mai: Soak up in city’s intriguing culture and rich history, or explore astonishing natural beauty while trekking its lush green mountains – Chiang Mai offers some of the most exciting experiences in Thailand and justly catches the fancy of hordes of holidaymakers boarding flights arriving here. It is the place that encourages couples to do many romantic things, so going without kids would offer you that required isolation. Book tickets and vacation deals well in advance, as the place is a big hit among foreign tourists, especially from European countries!

Krabi:  With an unending stretch of azure waters, magnificent limestone cliffs, crowd free shopping and numerous adventure activities; Krabi leaves visitors becharmed and gloating over their decision of spending on flights’ tickets for Thailand holidays. Unrivalled in its exclusivity and solitude, this captivating island destination is highly popular among couples and families alike. So pack your bags and come relish life in slow-mo!

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