Thailand is a hot favourite among tourists dying to soak up every packet of solar energy that strikes the white sand beaches. But few months back due to political disturbance, Flights to Thailand were cancelled en masse and travel alerts being on, travel-bug bitten humans had to control their urge to visit Thailand.

Thailand’s most popular tourist destination is the capital city of Bangkok. Packed within its fold are the major attractions such as Grand Palace, Emerald Buddha, Reclining Buddha, Floating Market and Phuket which are usually seen on every traveller’s itinerary. After the political upheaval, tourism agencies are offering cheap flights to Thailand along with attractive packages in an effort to increase the tourist traffic to the country.

Visit the dazzling and spectacular Grand Palace for a flavour of the oriental past and explore the treasures of the Royal lineage. Ensconced in its precincts is the famous temple called Wat Phra Kaew housing holy Buddha, popularly known as Emerald Buddha, carved out of green jasper and dressed in gold. This being the most sacred site in Bangkok, to enter this temple, there is a strict dress code to follow.

In the land of Buddhism, Buddhist shrines are not rare to come across. Transcend into the tranquil temple of Wat Pho, the largest and the oldest temple, where Buddha is plated in gold and because of its posture, this sculpture is known as Reclining Buddha. This imposing structure is 46 metres long and 15 meters high. The transcendent feeling is heightened at Wat Pho by massages as this place is renowned for old forms of medicine and massage treatment.

Apart from the ancient sculptures Bangkok also boasts a unique floating market in Damneon Saduak. This amphibian market is a residue of the original Thai culture and reality is felt by taking boating trips across the waterways. The vendors sell stuffs ranging from freshly prepared meals to a variety of wares and fresh fruits from independent boats and make these products available to the customers on the banks with the help of poles.

Trip to Thailand is meaningless if its idyllic beaches are not covered on your holiday and one of its famous beaches, the Patong beach at Phuket is a must visit. The palm fringed beach offers great swimming and snorkelling experiences. The night-time visit at Fantasea theme park winds up Thailand holidays for the travellers in the most memorable manner to crave for more.

Sun and surf are not difficult to find in Thailand but it’s the overall package including adult entertainment, vibrant nightlife, erotic massages, go-go bars, adult shows and other adult oriented pursuits ranging from the gratification of basic needs to the grotesque that draw tourists like a magnet to this land of smiles. Above all, easy affordability of all these without the any violation of legal barriers tempt the pleasure seeker to go ahead and book cheap flights to Thailand for an incredible holiday.

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