Located on the lower edge of Thailand’s northern region, the small city of Sukhothai is a popular tourist attraction. It is largely popular for its historic monuments, museums and national parks. Once here, you can enjoy great traditional cuisine and drinks along with lots of sightseeing. Here’s a quick look at Sukhothai.

Sukhothai Old City

Sukhothai Old City is a must visit place. This UNESCO World Heritage site reflects Thailand’s vivid past. More than a hundred temples were re-built here to capture the essence of Thailand’s ancient days. Many archaeologists have also found pieces of artistic and religious works here. There is an information centre and information boards are also placed outside every building.

Wat Mahathat 

Wat Mahathat is the most famous Wat and one of the oldest places here. The wat area is 4 hectares, surrounded by wiharns of different sizes, a bot and salas. The most notable thing here is the tower decorated with wiharn as well as bot. The top is crowned by the tip of a lotus bud. The middle section reminds you of the Khmer prang.

Celadon Kiln Site and Study Centre

‘Celadon Kiln Site and Study Centre’ is all about the ancient craftsmanship. One can find a number of celadon pots and other goods here. The excavated pieces are displayed during exhibitions. Learn about the crafting process at the centre. The centre is situated in the north of Si Satchanalai Historical Park about 6.5 km from Ban KoNoi. 

Bicycle Tours

The best way to travel around the city, while enjoying sightseeing is by cycle. The city also offers interesting half-day cycling tours. The countryside is a popular area for cycling. There are numerous interesting places to visit even outside the city such as Buddhist temple. And if you wish to visit the countryside during early morning hours, a sunset tour and a historical park tour is truly called for. Bicycle tours in the city as well as the countryside are full of fun and also very pocket friendly.

Travel Information

Sukhothai is a popular tourist destination. This erstwhile capital city is most renowned for its ancient ruins. The most convenient way to reach this place is via Bangkok Airways that offers flight connections to Sukhothai Airport from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport. The total flight duration is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The best time to visit Sukhothai is from November to February and the best way to explore the city is to rent a cycle and pedal way. Don’t forget to try Sukhothai Noodles.

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