Australia’s biggest airline has put prices up across the board by as much as $10 per person, due to rising fuel costs.

Australian airline Qantas has defended its decision to increase fares by as much as $10 (£6) from the beginning of next month onwards.

Furthermore travellers on flights to Tasmania will have to pay an extra eight per cent, the airline has announced.

The price hike was put down to the rising cost of jet fuel, which has gone up by 15 per cent over the last month, pushing the airline’s costs up by an extra $2 billion.

Alan Joyce, chief executive officer at Qantas, said that the airline is also taking further steps towards improving its fuel conservation levels, but the global financial crisis was also playing a part.

“The situation today is very different to the last fuel crisis, when the global economy was strong. This time, the world is still emerging from the global economic crisis, and demand is still recovering,” he said.

Qantas is Australia’s largest airline and it operates 59 regional and international routes including flights to Bangkok, Delhi and Abu Dhabi.

Written by Erin Marshall

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