Attractions in Phayao

Not many people who visit Thailand are aware of the beautiful city of Phayao in the southern part of the country. It has its own distinct character which sets it apart from the neighbouring cities such as Chiang Rai and some also call it the Vienna of South East Asia. If you are planning to book tickets to the country, remember to visit Phayao. This beautiful city has an array of natural and cultural attractions. Have a look at three of the popular tourist attractions of Phayao.

Wat Analayo Thipphayaram

Wat Analayo Thipphayaram is one of the most popular hilltop wats (temples) in the northern part of Thailand. The temple is located in a frontal range of low hills, situated more or less across the town of Phayao on the far end of the lake. The forested hillside is home to a diverse collection of shrines, images of Buddha, halls and pagodas. The temple is situated amidst green gardens that lend it an authentic forest-like appeal. If you want to experience the serenity of the place, visiting on a weekday is recommended, when the place is peaceful. To enjoy a hike, head to the woods surrounding the wat.

Kwan Phayao (Phayao Lake)

Phayao Lake, locally known as Kwan Phayao, is a 20 square kilometre stretch of pristine water body. It was created in 1941 after a dam was built here by the Fisheries Department of Thailand. Before the construction of the dam, this area was full of swamps and smaller lakes. Presently Phayao Lake is an important resource for fishing and also a popular tourist spot. The best time to visit the lake is early morning when you can watch the fishermen set up their fishing nets. We would also recommend you to bring a camera to capture the silhouette of the fishermen against the backdrop of the rising sun. By mid-morning, the restaurants start opening. Make sure that you sample the grilled fish. You can also rent a bicycle to roam around the place at a minimal cost.

Markets in Phayao

The main daily market of Phayao is located between Rob Wiang and Don Sanam roads in the centre of the town. The market is big and bustles with vendors selling fresh produce, household supplies, clothes and plenty of food. If you enjoy people watching, it’s a good idea to check out day-to-day life in the market. You can also visit the wet market, known as Mae Pong. The fascinating yet busy marketplace sells fresh vegetables and fruits as well as souvenirs such as clothes, knickknacks and handicrafts.

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