November is a great holiday time in Thailand with Loy Krathong festival that enlivens the entire nation. Tourists booking flights tickets for Thailand holiday at this time witness mesmerising culture, customs and traditions along with brilliant display of lights and fireworks.


From its enchanting Wats, scrumptious cuisine to the breathtakingly beautiful islands, Thailand is one of best holiday destinations in the world. It is known for many things and among them the festival of light has a significant place. People who book tickets for flights arriving in Thailand should definitely take part in this magnificent cultural event. Here is a quick peek into Loy Krathong Festival of Light and what it is all about.


It is believed that this event started in Sukhotai. The literal meaning of Loy Krathong is floating (Loy) ornate leaf cup or bowl (Krathong) in the water. The local people are very passionate about making their Krathongs; traditional one is made from the cellulose trunk of a banana tree with plenty of room for keeping candles and incense sticks. It is claimed that these leaf bowls take all the bad luck of the past as they float away.


It is celebrated all over the Thailand in November every year; 12th month of traditional Thai calendar when it is full moon. The 2014 date of for Loy Krathong is 7th November. The fascinating leaf cups and the floating lanterns are integral to the fest and make the surroundings incredibly captivating. People of Thailand decorate the Krathongs with a lot of things. Locals believe that these small bowls will carry all their bad luck if they float it after keeping any of their old belongings in it. Some put coins or old things; some even put their nails and hair. Whether you choose to believe in the story or not, the stunning view of these beautiful leaf bowls floating together is a must watch sight and an experience of a life time. As it is a brilliant and lively occasion, you can expect a lot of fun and a great enthusiasm from locals as well as tourists who booked flights’ tickets to this place primarily for enjoying this unique religious and cultural extravaganza.

Krathong Types

Numerous foreign tourists plan their November holiday to Thailand with the festival in mind and book tickets for flights accordingly. Quite naturally, many are keen on floating their own Krathong in the water! There is a traditional one that is made up of cellulose trunk of a banana tree. Then there are two other types – Styrofoam and bread. In case you wish to float one, Bread Krathong is the best choice as it dissolves in water after a few days and is the most eco-friendly. Better known as Khom Loi between locals, the sky lanterns are made with the help of rice paper, heated with a round fuel source. The flights of thousands of these beautiful lanterns in the sky seems like a page from a fairy tale pulled straight into reality.

Loy Krathong in Phuket

One of the best places to enjoy the celebration is Phuket. Those who are booking tickets aboard flights to Phuket have a wide array of options to choose from as some of the most luxurious hotels here organize a special evening for the tourists during the event. However, booking in advance is highly recommended as November is a peak season for Thailand and prices for flights tickets and hotels usually surge during this time.

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