Golden Triangle is a captivating tourist travel route of Thailand that catches the fancy of scores of holidaymakers netting air tickets to the country. Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Chiang Saen are the three cities that make up the route.


A perfect destination for indulging the soul and senses, Thailand brims with everything that takes to be a fine holiday spot. Every year, scores of vacationers from all parts of the world grab flights tickets to Thailand to unravel its historical, cultural and natural treasures. However, owing to the nation’s countless lures, it often becomes challenging for travellers to explore and experience it all during a single trip. Such vacationers would certainly relish a chance to explore the selected highlights of North Thailand. And for that, the Golden Triangle Tour is the best possible way!

Undoubtedly the most popular tourist trap in northern Thailand, Golden Triangle allows the visitors to unwind amidst stunning views and spectacular delights. Following is a detailed description of the entire tour; it is something that’s beneficial for all who are investing on air tickets for Thailand bound flights for a gratifying holiday experience.


Bangkok, the Thai capital is one city that provides with a plethora of prerogatives when it comes to planning a wonderful vacation. The destination is an amazing amalgamation of new and the old world, with rich heritage and culture blending with contemporary lifestyle, and impressive temples standing tall with stunning skyscrapers, hotels and nightclubs. Surely, it’s the glitz and glamour of the metropolis as well as the brilliant heritage that set most merrymakers on a mad quest to board flights arriving in Bangkok! Travellers may immerse in the spiritual side of the city by visiting many spellbinding temples that include Wat Pho, Wat Arun and the Wat Phra Khaeo with the Emerald Buddha.

Love-birds making their way to the city may relish a romantic cruise dinner aboard a river taxi sailing on Chao Praya River. Shopaholics in the metropolis must not forget to wander around Chatuchak weekend market, Floating Market and the famous night markets to shop. Further, treat your taste buds with the scrumptious Thai food served throughout the city.

Chiang Mai

Contrasting its tropical shores of south with monopoly of its cultural delights in north, Chiang Mai is a gorgeous holiday destination that mollycoddles mind, body and soul. The town is surrounded by beautiful hills, mountains, forests and enormous ancient villages untouched by the modern world, which together never ceases to impress one and all netting tickets aboard flights arriving in Thailand. The old city radiates a spiritual charm featuring an impressive array of religious sites, dating to different ages. Wat Chedi Luang is one of the city’s most stunning and sacred temples.

One thing that the city of Chiang Mai is most popular for is its different breeds of elephants. The entire region is crammed full of different elephant orphanages, parks and attractions which catch the fancy of tourists. Seeing elephants playing and frolicking in the water during the daily bath is sure the highlight of a visit to Chiang Mai. Street shopping is another prominent reason that makes air tickets to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a popular commodity. Night Bazaar and Sunday Night Market are the two best places which offer an authentic array of regional crafts, clothing and fresh foods.

Chiang Saen

Chiang Saen is one of the most exciting and pristine tourist spots for vacations in Thailand. This tranquil destination makes for countless opportunities for relaxing at the beach and exploring the hidden charms of the nation. The region around the town is particularly acknowledged for spiritual and regional significance. Many prefer visiting the Buddhist temple at Wat Phra Kaeo, which also features an interesting museum dedicated to the history of the site. Other attractions include the magnificent Royal Palace, and the beautiful temple at Wat Klong Wiang.

Further, there is a string of striking museums in Chiang Saen that remain popular picks amongst the culture and history enthusiasts. The Hilltribe Museum, focusing on traditional local culture; and Oub Kham Museum, displaying priceless royal artefacts and holy relics are the two much celebrated venues. A pleasurable ride on one of the traditional long-tailed boats while touring around the dramatic coastline of Chiang Saen is another distinct activity for making the most of monies spent on booking tickets on flights to Thailand.

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