More than just a historical town, Chiang Mai in North Thailand is a paradise for adventure-lovers. It is renowned to set these thrill seekers on a quest for tickets onboard flights and cheap holiday deals. The article gives an insight to the popular adventure sports that remain the key baits.


Chiang Mai is known as much for its glorious Buddhist temples as for its verdant natural beauty. It ranks among the top adventure destinations in Thailand and allures hordes of adventure travellers to grab tickets on cheap flights to land here. Home to some 300 exquisitely designed temples; Chiang Mai is projected worldwide as a historic and spiritual destination. At the same time, this fascinating town is highly-acclaimed for its surrounding lush green forests and trek-worthy hills where adventure-lovers satiate their cravings for sheer thrill. Take a look at what Chiang Mai has to offer to adrenaline junkies.

Trekking is one of the greatest reasons why thrill-seekers book tickets on flights for visiting Chiang Mai. They navigate the rough terrains, slippery rocks and lush green hills of the region. There are plenty of trekking trails which give a glimpse into the natural side of Thailand. Furthermore, those who opt for the adventure get an opportunity to meet the interesting tribes and learn their age-old customs. Trekking in Chiang Mai is planned professionally with complete care. A variety of packages are offered by local agencies for a safe and well-informed excursion.

Wildlife Safari
Wildlife safari is also the top activity to enjoy in Chiang Mai. With lush green jungles packed with an exotic variety of flora and fauna, this corner of Thailand makes for a superb place to get up-close and personal with creatures of the wild. Take an elephant trek to get the scenic strolls through region’s beautiful landscapes. The icing on the cake is the night safari which allows one to explore the wilderness at night time and make the most of monies spent on tickets aboard flights and holiday packages for the destination. The creatures at this time look astonishing as well as dangerously real, which make experience well worth the cost of entry tickets.

Making tickets reservation on flights for holidaying in Chiang Mai would pretty much amaze those having penchant for pulsating game of river rafting. Shimmering Mea Teang River, with varied current levels, offers a superb rafting experience to rafters of any endurance level. Experienced guides and all required gears are available for treating tourists with safety. There are plenty of beautiful sites that can be seen while navigating through the river. Cliff jumping is another exciting game tourists can enjoy after rafting.

Zip Line Canopy Tour
Your dream to soar and glide high above Chiang Mai’s wondrous ancient forest can come true with a zip line canopy tour. The game is a unique kind of thrill, allowing one to breeze through the greenery and sail all the way across the jungle. To top it all, the excursion can be enjoyed by anyone and booked with many agencies that provide well-guided and safe canopy tour. This sport is quite popular among adventurers who spend on air tickets aboard flights for visiting here. Several other exciting activities including camping and elephant safari can also be added to a zip line canopy tour.

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