South Africa is a terrific holiday destination for the ones with a love for the outdoors. A lovely way to feast your eyes on the beautiful sights of nature is to go on a hike or trek. The best part is that the destination has so many hiking and trekking trails that most people can pick one that suits their levels of physical fitness and expertise.

Trekking and Hiking Trails in South Africa

Here we have presented three of the most popular trekking and hiking trails that you may consider while holidaying in South Africa.

Otter Trail

Otter trail is said to be the most famous hiking trail in South Africa. The trail starts from Tsitsikamma National Park and stretches along the coast. This trail is famous throughout the world. In fact the trail is so popular that you may have to book your dates a year in advance.

The route stretches on the East Cape shoreline for 42.5 kilometres. Although the itinerary suggests a five day hike, most hikers complete it in less than five days. Only 12 people are allowed on the trail per day and accommodation is provided by way of shared huts along the trail.

Amphitheatre Heritage Hike

In order to take the guided Amphitheatre hike, you need to be a skilled hiker as it is one of the most challenging trails in the Drakensberg area. The hike ends at the Tugela Falls, known as the second longest waterfall in the world. You will enjoy some of the most mesmerising views from the edge of Lesotho, also known as the “Roof of the World”. The hike is around 20 to 30 kilometres long and will take 3 days.

This challenging hike will reward you with scenic views of Drakensberg. During the trip you will come across fabulous grasslands and forests. You may even spot exotic wildlife, such as Mountain Reedbuck and Eland. For accommodation, there are tented camps, while hardcore nature enthusiasts may sleep in caves. In fact, your guides will be able to show you an alternate route, where one may sleep in caves.

Amatola Hiking Trail

If you are a hiker and are in love with J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of The Rings series, you have to choose Amatola Hiking Trail for your trek. The Amatola Mountains and Hogsback were the inspiration behind The Middle Earth, the fictional region mentioned in the flick. The trail starts from the Maden Dam and ends at Tyume River and it will take you 6 days to traverse it. The trail passes through lush grasslands, forests and mountains, natural pools and mountain springs. Accommodation is available by way of rustic huts.

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