Inundated with gamut of free attractions, Cape Town fills the bill of all those budget travellers who bag cheap flights tickets to travel to this enchanting city of South Africa. Read on to know about the popular ones.

Attraction in Cape Town South Africa

Flights to see Attractions in Cape Town, South Africa

Lambently glowing amid iconic Table Mountain and churning, emerald waters of the Atlantic, Cape Town overwhelms with a potpourri of imposing natural splendours, breathtakingly diverse culture and amiable locals. Although there is panoply of upscale hotels, restaurants and attractions for sybarites booking flights tickets, budget travellers can find a plethora of things do in the Mother City without shelling out a single South African rand. Have a look at the prominent ones that fit their desires to every T!

Table Mountain

Legendary and the most refulgent gem on the crown of Cape Town, Table Mountain is a compelling stop for every vacationer who buys cheap flights tickets to jaunt South Africa. One can trek the Platte klip Gorge, the most popular tourist route that starts about 1-2 km after the cable way  With awe-inspiring hiking trails, lush vegetation, striking forests, dams, cascading waterfalls, isolated valleys and picturesque vistas, a day spent on Table Mountain is sure to be the highlight of ones holiday and the most foolproof way to make the most of bundles invested on cheap deals for tickets on flights to visit South Africa.

Clifton Beach

Featuring 4 beaches called 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th; Clifton is one of the splendid beaches in Cape Town. The 4th Blue Flag beach is the busiest in summer and boasts changing room and bathroom facilities. It is best for relaxing and sunbathing amid the unrivalled grandeur of sun, sand and sea. As the sun bows for another day, one can enjoy the sundowners and feast eyes on scarlet sight. No wonder, spending some time at Clifton is well worth the money spent on visiting South Africa and buying all those tickets and flights deals. 

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square is an immediate port of call for every traveller who lays hands on flights tickets to sojourn South Africa’s port city. It is one of the oldest markets located on a cobblestoned square flanked by Short and Long Market Streets. Filled to brim with shops selling variety of clothes, jewellery, crafts, local art, crafts, fabrics, sandals and quaint collection of African curios, it is a favourite shopping destination of locals and tourists alike. The gung ho, vibrant aura and cheap shopping options literally leave travellers gloating over their decision of visiting it in Cape Town and grabbing all those tickets for flights.

Besides, Sea Point Promenade, Cape Town Holocaust Centre and Nobel Square are some other free attractions that go right with the saying that best things in life are free! They ensure wonderful experience and live up to every penny one spends on making tickets reservations for flights landing in South Africa.

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