The absolute charm of a destination is best portrayed through creative pursuits. Board flights to the Eastern Cape in South Africa to witness how numerous art galleries impersonate the brilliance of the historically and culturally affluent province.

Like any other creative indulgence, art has no limitations. Be it contemporary or ancient, art has known to influence the minds and delight the hearts of many. Eastern Cape in South Africa is one such place which boasts of an exhaustive array of art galleries, conveniently speckled across the province that bring out the best of the country in the guise of multi-hues canvases and artefacts.

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum in Port Elizabeth

Located in the vicinity of the picturesque St. Georges Park, the two buildings that comprises of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Art Museum are nothing less than treasure troves of immense artistic wealth. Those who net flights to visit the country which holds an immense bounty of creativity can hardly afford to miss the ever-changing exhibits of the museum. Visitors do not even have to purchase tickets to witness the culmination of various art forms that depict influences of native Eastern Cape, British modernism and Oriental exquisiteness.

Ann Bryant Art Gallery in East London

What started off as a personal collection of British and European art gradually expanded to a massive collection that accommodates many contemporary art forms. The collections at the Ann Bryant Art Gallery are definitely worth more than an admirable glance. For all those who pay dearly on air tickets and endure long flights to visit the country, the impressive house with its exquisite décor offers a sense of gratification that quite closely matches the allure of the exhibits. The gallery is known to house some of the best outcomes of South African and contemporary art.

Hester Rupert Art Museum in Graaff-Reinet

Art connoisseurs disembarking their flights in South Africa can seldom stay unaffected by its rich architectural heritage. It is in one such marvellous institution, one of the oldest churches of South Africa that was transformed to the Hester Rupert Art Museum. The museum houses over a hundred works of mostly South African artists who extended their help and exemplified the virtue of solidarity by donating the best of their works to retain the integrity of the building. The Museum has been honoured with the declaration of being a national monument.

The Owl House in Nieu Bethesda

Once an agricultural village, Nieu Bethesda has managed to retain its primitive charms in the process of developing into a sleepy town. This is where art exists in its purest form, both influenced and protected by the pristine nature that encompasses the village. The Owl House poses as an apt example of how nature and art can shape a person’s life and help the artist create beautiful exhibits from the remnants of tragedies. Helen Martin, the owner of the house, has given ample reasons for art connoisseurs to board flights to South Africa. Her multi-coloured house adorned with ground-glass artefacts, sculptures and other embellishments depict the emotional turmoil that she went through before she decided to end her life. Purchasing tickets for a tour would mean delving into a beautifully expressed personal space of the acclaimed artist.

Matatiele Museum in Drakensburg

Yet another national monument, the Matatiele Museum is a beautiful building which was formerly Dutch Reformed Church before its transition to an aesthetic establishment. The museum boasts of some of the finest specimens of artefacts that pertain to the nuances of time- from Stone Age to the modern age. Tourists who book tickets to witness the charisma of the ingenious tribal lifestyle of the San people, the Xhosa, the Sotho and Zulu tribes can visit the museum to marvel at some impeccably preserved utilitarian commodities, attires and tools used by our primitive predecessors.

De Beers Centenary Art Gallery at the University of Fort Hare

Art connoisseurs who invest on air tickets to South Africa seldom end their trip without paying a visit to the De Beers Centenary Art Gallery. The gallery is known for its admirable collection of Black art, a contemporary art form depicting the realities of the infamous Apartheid era. Many notable artists have also contributed to the gallery by displaying their portrayals of the socio-political stances taken by the nation.

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