Cheap deals for tickets aboard South Africa bound flights remain a perennial hit among global divers. Thanks to the nation’s magical diving spots that are graced with overwhelming range of underwater charms and flora!

Top 5 Diving Locations in South Africa

Top 5 Diving Locations in South Africa

Renowned for its scenic beaches and awe-inspiring ambience, South Africa has emerged as one of the best diving locations in the world.  There is a plethora of striking marine life gracing the waters of the country that entrance global divers and lure them to reserve tickets on flights for the rainbow country. Here is a sampling of few spots that top the heap.

False Bay

Located near Cape Town, False Bay is the best spot for witnessing the overwhelming numbers of sharks in their natural habitat. Boasting tiger sharks, ragged-tooth sharks and hammerheads, it catches the fancy of brave-hearts and tempts them to book tickets aboard flights landing in South Africa. With ample of opportunities for safe swimming and picturesque vistas of white sandy beaches and breathtaking valleys, this place is a popular avenue among all.

Sodwana Bay

Renowned as “Sordies”, SodwanaBay is situated in Durban and enjoys year-round dulcet weather. There is panoply of spectacular reefs to delve into the depths where beginners and veterans can try their hands and uncover the various colourful sites replete with astonishing marine life. It is one of the well-known destinations and is home to some of the most astonishing southerly reefs. Indeed, hordes of divers from all over the globe buy tickets aboard Durban bound flights for unravelling the gems of the fascinating spot.

Clifton Rock

Clifton Rock is a fitting place for those who prefer an isolated experience in a heavenly world of azure waters. It sure is a second to none destination that promises maximum bang for the bucks spent on booking tickets on flights and visiting South Africa.  Located south-west of Cape Town, the place boasts a fine blend of boulders and hidey-holes and provides countless opportunities to swim-through and catch sight of the mesmerizing creatures like starfish and crayfish. Even the beginners can take delights at Clifton Rock and enjoy the basics of diving!

Protea Banks

With tranquil aura and thrilling opportunities for diving, Protea Banks, about 160 km south of Durban, is inundated with fossilised sand dunes and a marvellous range of sea creatures. With all this and much more, the place has wide scope to cater to the expectations of keen travellers who hunt for tickets on cheap flights to jaunt South Africa affordably. It is a second to none destination where the best of the underwater sports can be enjoyed. In summer months, one can also feast eyes on sharks including Zambezi shark and hammerheads.

Paquita Wreck

With paradisiacal environs and excellent collection of sea life, Paquita Wreck is surely an apt location for regaling in the sport. The German iron barque named Paquita sank here in 1903. Now, it lies on the eastern side of popular Heads in Knysna. Certainly, spending some time at the wreck is well worth the money invested on tickets for flights arriving in South Africa. It is replete with enormous captivating mysteries to ravel out. The reefs feature eye-catching corals especially on the iron plates; invertebrates and myriads of sea creatures.

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