South Africa is a resplendent holiday location famous for the amazing water sports it offers to the adventure freaks. Scuba diving is one of the most renowned sports of the region that set the tourists on a mad scramble to grab tickets for flights to this amazing region.


Brimming with multitude of marine life, sparkling clear waters, and subtropical temperature, South Africa is one of the world’s most popular diving destinations offering world class diving sites to the adventure and watersports enthusiasts. From cage diving with the ferocious sharks to taking a dip in the crystal clear waters for exploring the coral paradise, South Africa’s coastline is scuba divers ultimate playground. For the international travellers booking tickets on the South Africa flights with adventure on the minds, here is a look at the popular diving sites of the region.

Aliwal Shoal, Kwazulu Natal

This is one of the South Africa’s most picturesque location, and one of the greatest diving destinations in the world. Aliwal Shoal has plenty to offer to the serious divers taking flights to South Africa, with most of them choosing Durban international airport in the region. The place is inundated with vibrant marine life that includes delightful dolphins, whale sharks, tiger sharks and moray eels etc. It is also home to the vulnerable ragged tooth sharks. Aliwal Shoal is an excellent destination for scuba diving with visibility level upto 30 metres and is absolutely worth the money spent on air tickets and flights for diving holiday to South Africa.

Uniforms, Sodwana Bay, Kwazulu Natal

This pristine diving location is well renowned for being one of the safest diving destinations. Uniforms boast of vibrant coral diversity and spoils divers with spectacular ocean charmers such as purple butterfly fish, tiger angelfish and so on. The best time for diving at Uniforms is between the months of April and September. For those enterprising tourists bagging flights tickets for holidays to South Africa during the months of December and January, this site holds a pleasant treat for them. This is an awesome time to catch the sight of fascinating turtles laying eggs at Uniforms.

Avalanche Reef, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape

Avalanche Reef is a well known diving destination, also famous for its outstanding coastline scenery. It not only offers superb diving, but also a gamut of other water activities to the water enthusiasts buying air tickets for the region. The temperature at Avalanche sometime dips down to teeth chattering and body shivering degrees, so it is recommended to rent a dry suit to avoid feeling cold. A plunge into the reef densely populated by amazing sea creatures takes the visitors into the hypnotic journey of exploring the colourful flora and fauna of the excellent marine world. No wonder, Avalanche Reef is a prominent diving destination in the itineraries of travellers grabbing deals on tickets aboard South Africa flights.

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