South Africa is a fascinating destination that beguiles wildlife enthusiasts from worldwide to book flights tickets to the country. Though wildlife ensures maximum tourist influx, the destination offers dollops of excitement beyond just wildlife!

There is more to South Africa than just wildlife

There is More to South Africa than Just Wildlife

Epithets like the ‘rainbow nation ‘ fall short when one talks about the true essence, verve and vigour of South Africa! In fact, most visitors describe the country as a wonderland filled with excitement and thrills! While most believe that not mentioning wildlife in a South Africa travelogue is not possible, the attraction brochure of the country surely promises much more than just wildlife! Let’s discuss top 5 excuses that make for a perfect excuse to spend on flights tickets to the country.

Experience Cascading Beauties

The mighty waterfalls of South Africa are sure to thrill any type of travellers booking flights tickets to South Africa. And rightly so, the breathtaking views of deafening gush of water cascading down the rough hewn rocky terrains can only be experienced to be fully believed! Some of the most popular waterfalls in the country are AugrabiesFalls, MacMacFalls, HowickFalls and Tugela Falls.

Play Gold Miner in Johannesburg

All thanks to the gold rush in the 1880s, Johannesburg still considers gold mining as serious business. In fact, visitors taking tickets on cheap flights to South Africa can experience the life of a miner at the GoldReefCity. The theme park’s gold mine tour invites visitors to take a trip several metres down a shaft into a dark, humid gold mine to experience how fascinating is the world beneath us and offers a crash course on the risky business of extracting gold out of an ore.

See the Iconic Table Mountain

Though the ‘MotherCity’, Cape Town packs in infinite attractions to bewitch its visitors spending on flights tickets to the city, but the one that really steals the crown is the TableMountain! Deeply steeped in heart-pleasing mystique and draped in jovial charisma, TableMountain is one of world’s most iconic landmarks! It would be no exaggeration to say that TableMountain has long been a strong reason for the soaring demand of tickets on flights arriving in South Africa!

Glut on a ‘Game’ Palate

South Africa’s wild side seems to have taken over its culinary fare as well and visitors taking flights tickets to the country get to realise it as soon as they make their way some popular restaurants like ‘Carnivore’ in Johannesburg! ‘Game meat’ served in such restaurants is a unique local treat one must try! Those looking for an adrenaline rush at the dining table may glut themselves at the special treat of smoked crocodile meat or charcoal-grilled zebra!

Explore India Away from India

Visitors booking tickets on flights arriving in the country must do well to visit Durban’s Indian District! The place promises to transport one to a different world altogether at the Indian District, home to the Jumah Mosque, southern hemisphere’s largest mosque. Numerous Indian markets, spicy foods, art galleries, and the Oriental Bazaar ensure a fun packed afternoon. With so many diversified attractions, it is no wonder why this attraction in Durban triggers demands for tickets on cheap flights landing in South Africa.

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