What’s the first word that comes to your mind when we say ‘South Africa’? It’s ‘Wildlife’, isn’t it? The best known tourist destination to explore the wilderness of this country is the world-renowned Kruger National Park. It was set up in 1898 to guard the wildlife of the South African Lowveld. Blessed with the best of nature’s bounty, this place is home to a mind boggling variety of species, including 2000 plant, 53 fish, 118 reptile, 517 birds, and 147 mammals. Needless to say, it’s remarkably diverse. 


Potential visitors should check out the opening and closing time of the gates. They are mentioned on the official page. The time varies as per the month of the year.


The summer months (October to April) are pleasantly hot. Winters are warm and mild; however visitors going on night-drives will need warm clothing. 


The park hosts a number of exciting activities for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike. We have mentioned a few of them below.

Wilderness Trails

Kruger National Park conducts trails in the ‘Big Five’ areas to let people experience the wilderness. There’s not a better approach than by doing it on foot! Participants can realise the different elements of nature’s beauty through the senses of vision, smell, hearing, touch, and sometimes even taste. One mustn’t skip it!

4X4 Adventure Trails

This may be the best way to explore deep areas of the park.  The 4X4 vehicles are – to a certain extent, if not completely – environmentally friendly! Certain trails have dongas or river beds, which are unfit for other vehicles. All the trails are self-drive, so visitors should be well aware of the potential dangers. There are no facilities along the routes.

Mountain Bike Trails

For mountain biking activity, the participants are first taken at the start of the trail in an open game viewing vehicle. Then, they are supplied with mountain bikes, backpacks, water bottles, bicycle helmets, snacks, and juice. At most, six participants are allowed per trail. Two qualified and armed field guides lead the way. 

Cultural Heritage

Kruger has a distinctive cultural and historical landscape and diversity. There are more than 255 recorded archaeological sites, belonging to Stone Age, Iron Age, and different archaeological eras. 


Dr. Freek Venter heads conservation management in a strategic and adaptive manner. Conservation is executed in alliance with Scientific Services and other departments. Here are some of the elements of conservation.

  • Produce policies and guidelines for biodiversity and wilderness conservation.
  • Recruitment and training of rangers.
  • Influence the drafting of environmental legislation.
  • Ensure compliance with Protected Area, Biodiversity, and other environmental legislation etc.

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