If you believe that “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”, then you are guaranteed to get mesmerized at Cape Florist, a floral wonderland. The abundance of rare and exotic Flora and Fauna makes this biodiversity reserve an extremely popular destination. In fact, Cape Floral is one of the top rated biodiversity reserves in the world. Cape Florist has around 9000 different species of fynbos alone, out of which 70% are endemic. This UNESCO World Heritage Site also shelters many rare and endangered animal species such as the Geometric Tortoise and the Table Mountain Ghost Frog. Spanning an area of 55300 hectares, Cape Florist comprises of a cluster of 8 protected heritage sites.

Take a peek into the highlights of Cape Florist Region.

Cape Peninsula National Park

Located very close to the metropolitan city, Cape Town, this Mediterranean peninsula stretches from the Table Mountain on one side to the Cape of Good Hope on the other. Some of the most exciting things to do here are cable car ride or trek to the top of Table Mountain, visiting the Penguin colony at Boulder Beach, and walking through the indigenous forests or Silvermine.

Cederberg Wilderness Area

The colourful Cederberg Mountain and the intriguing rock formations here give this place a stunning contrast against the backdrop of the Cape Florist region. Cederberg Wilderness Area is quite popular for brilliant examples of ancient San and Khoi rock art. The place attracts trekkers and mountain climbers from all around the world.

Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area

The Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area is the source of fresh water to Cape Town. The sight of rugged unusual rock formations and crystal clear mountain lakes makes it a charming place for nature lovers. The influence of ancient San and Khoi art can be seen in the rock paintings here. Because of its clear environment, this area is also popular for mountain biking and trekking.

Boland Mountain Complex

Situated around the Berg and Breede rivers, Boland Mountain Complex consists of 5 natural reserves that have an abundance of many rare species of flora and fauna. While kayaking and trekking are among the most exhilarating things to do here, people also often visit this place because of the abundance of rare and exotic species of migratory birds.

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Just like other areas in the Cape Florist region, De Hoop Nature Reserve also has a plethora of rare and exotic plant and animal life. De Hoop Nature reserve is well known for amazing attractions such as the whale trail, bird and whale watching at the neighbouring whale reserve, cycling and trekking.

Boosmansbos Nature Reserve

Boosmansbos Nature Reserve is an exclusive trekking site, which allows only 64 trekkers per day. Inhabited by many extrinsic species of birds, this place is a considered as a trekker’s and birder’s paradise.

Swartberg Complex

This patch in the Cape Florist Region is full of diverse vegetation and rare animals. The trekking trails of Swartberg Mountain attract tourists and nature lovers from all around the world. The rare flower called Creeping Beauty can also be spotted around the peak of the mountain.


The rugged mountainous terrains and rare animals found in Bavianskloof are some of the major attractions in this stretch of wilderness. A guided trek to Bergplaas or a peaceful retreat at the Baviaanskloof lodge will enchant your senses for sure.

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