Diversified facet of Cape Town is often depicted by its vibrant neighbourhoods. One such neighbourhood is Bo Kaap which features various shades of South African culture and history. Read on to know why Bo Kaap is worth adding to Cape Town packages.

The flamboyant culture of South Africa provokes even the most seasoned travellers to plan holidays to Cape Town, the Mother City. Travellers planning to peep into rich South African past must add Bo Kaap to their travel packages. This colourful neighbourhood is also known as Malay Quarter where holidaymakers would come across people of various races namely Malaysia, Indian, Sri Lanka and all over from Asia. Although, it was established by slaves but today, it has emerged as a prominent highlight of Cape Town to experience the magnificence of multi-cultural society of South Africa.


Bo Kaap is home to various attractions featuring an Islamic significance. Spiritual souls investing in travel packages to enjoy holidays in Cape Town can consider paying a visit to mosques in this area. Jamia Mosque is the most eminent one here. This site is around 150 years old and strategically located at the corner of Castle and Chiappini Streets. Since its land was offered to the local Muslim community by the Queen, it is often called the Queen Victoria Mosque. Auwal Mosque is the oldest mosque in Cape Town and another spot that entices history buffs planning holidays in the Mother City. Nurul Islam Mosque was founded in 1844 and can hold 700 worshippers at any given point in time.

Noon Gun

This activity takes place at Signal Hill and comprises of firing of the canon. It was first fired in 1902 and it continues till date, making it the oldest living tradition in Cape Town. This attraction is sure to add uniqueness to the travel packages to this thriving South African metropolis.


Bo Kaap also features a considerable amount of accommodation options that allows travellers to enjoy their holidays amidst a not-so-popular yet worth-visiting neighbourhood of Cape Town. One of the most popular options here is Dutch Manor Antique Hotel. It was established in 19th century and that rustic charm is still intact that makes it a significant choice to add to the packages for history cravers. Sybarites who cannot compromise on luxury can contemplate staying at Hilton Cape Town but to experience the real beguile of this area, La Rose might be the best option. This property is adorned with Cape Malay, French, Indian and African impressions. Other options one can consider before buying packages for Cape Town holidays are 22 on Rose, Rouge on Rose and Signal Hill Lodge.


Marco’s African Place is a grand restaurant and bar which always scores high in the lists of international travellers as well as locals. Their menu comprises of various tastes of Africa and an extensive range of drinks. While gorging in delectable food you can enjoy live performances of local bands. Epicureans striving to add a contemporary feel to their holidays must consider dining at The Urban Garden. This is the first ever restaurant that feature Australian styled dining. Foodies can choose to dine at indoor banquettes, private garden booths or atrium. Holidaymakers yearning to satiate their taste buds with Middle Eastern cuisine can browse through the menu of Biesmiellah Restaurant.

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