Kenya is a heaven for safari lovers and lures them to reserve air tickets on flights for holidays in the country. The below article discusses about some of the most popular safari activities of the region.

Wildlife is the greatest grandeur that awaits holidaymakers who grab air tickets aboard flights to Kenya. The destination prides itself with a myriad of reserves and parks that are home to a wide assortment of animal and bird species. The country is indeed an incredible stopover with infinite possibilities for the active travellers seeking authentic adventure and fun. The wide range of safari activities offered here catch the fancy of most travellers disembarking Kenya flights. Take a look at some of the most popular safari activities that entice adventure enthusiasts to reserve air tickets to Kenya.

Horse Riding
Ride over a horse and share a ridge top with zebra just as the sun paints the sky orange behind the mountains. Travellers may even arrive at cattle Boma (corral) in time to catch a close glimpse of the early morning milking done in the traditional style. Further, head back to the accommodation for some rest and later mount up again to head off towards the Uaso Nyiro River or the falls of the Suguroi for some adrenaline adventure.

Butterfly Watching
Yet another popular activity that tops the travel itineraries of wildlife lovers taking air tickets on flights to Kenya is Butterfly Watching. The activity provides the visitors an exclusive opportunity to study Kenyan Coastal Butterflies while relishing a fun-filled beach holiday. Keen visitors can see over 300 kinds of butterfly including Papilio, Charaxes, Graphium, Euxanthe, Precis and a few Saturnids. Many of these species are endemic in the area and are easy to recognize during the 15 km ride through Watamu.

Bird Watching
Kenya is beyond doubt one of the richest bird areas in the world with a wealth of different habitats. The best place to indulge in the activity is the open savannah plains, where the popular safaris take place. The region offers excellent bird watching opportunities to the visitors as it is a much renowned natural habitat to Ground Hornbill, the tall Secretary bird, Eagle, Vulture, and Ostrich. Some other species which are easy to spot in the area include pink Flamingos, Kingfishers, Hammerkops, Storks, Geese, Plovers, Herons, Cranes, Jacanas and African Fish Eagle.

Scuba Diving
The much celebrated Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve in Kenya offers some of the most extensive diving and snorkelling opportunities to the holidaymakers. The several diving operations on offer in Watamu are sure to leave visitors gloating over their decision to take tickets for flights to the country. Diving enthusiasts can behold the spectacular scene of a maze of charming caves, thousand banner-fish, pufferfish, wrasse and a wide array of fusilier on the both the sides. This beautiful site truly lives up to the expectations of almost every diver who craves for a perfect diving experience.

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