Abundance of natural resources and recreation entices large number of tourists to invest in cheap tickets to board flights landing in Singapore. The nature reserves in the country boast extraordinary flora and fauna in addition to wide array of recreational activities.


Exquisite, modern ambience of Singapore defines the luxurious character and extravagant lifestyle. However, global travellers book tickets aboard flights not only to get into the groove of Singapore’s contemporary culture, but also to experience the revitalizing energy of the reserves dotting its landscape. Lush surroundings, refreshing waters, majestic waterfalls, cascade of mountains and abundance of recreation in the following natural reservoirs entice nature lovers in large numbers to Singapore.

Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

This is one of the most alluring forest regions in the city-state. This protected park spans over hundreds of acres and boasts rich species of flowering plants and more than five hundred fauna comprising range of wild animals and plant species. Admission tickets are not required to admire the natural beauty of the reserve. Adventure lovers boarding flights to explore the charismatic landscapes away from the concrete structures in Singapore must indulge in hiking and cycling while visiting the protected area. The trails in the area feature variety of difficulty levels making it a perfect choice for amateur as well as expert hikers and bikers. Wildlife enthusiasts should have Bukit Timah on their itineraries so that they can take a closer look at native mammals such as the flying lemur, pangolin, scaly anteater and the colugo.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

This magnificent wetland site covers an area of 87 hectares and features range of habitats namely mudflat, freshwater and black mangroves. Rich wildlife in the site consists of array of marine creatures such as mud lobsters, mudskippers, saltwater crocodiles and crabs. Holidaymakers spending their monies on tickets to board flights landing in Singapore must plan a day out at this national park to catch archer fish, mullet and halfbeak. It also provides habitat to extensive range of migratory birds and assortment of worms like Marsh Sandpiper, Whimbrel, Yellow Bittern, Mongolian Plover and Atlas Moth, the largest moth in the entire Southeast Asia. Admission to the national park is free; however visitors need to pay a nominal sum to get the entry tickets during weekends.

Central Catchment Nature Reserve

This is the largest natural protected area in Singapore. Apart from dense vegetation and rich fauna, numerous recreational sites all over the reservoir lure adventure cravers to net tickets onboard flights terminating in the country. Most popular recreational activity at Central Catchment is Night Safari which is the first ever nocturnal zoo in the world. This open-air zoo is peppered with eight geographical zones. While exploring these zones, one can take a closer look at rare Indian rhinoceros, tarsiers, giant flying squirrel and anteater. Myriad of cultural performances are another highlight of Night Safari. Wildlife cravers should not miss out visiting Singapore Zoo and Banded Leaf Monkey Conservation. Adventure lovers taking flights to experience the thrill of audacious activities in the country, must consider adding HSBC TreeTop Walk to their schedule. This suspension bridge is stretched between Bukit Pierce and MacRitchie and offers travellers to test their physical strength and courage with varying difficulty levels.

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