After almost being written-off as a halt destination during longer flights, Singapore has sprung back to life. With a myriad of initiatives to promote tourism, Singapore is now one of the fastest evolving metropolises in the world, one that is getting out of reach for a traveller on a budget at an equally rapid pace. But should that deter you from exploring the skyscrapers, the brilliant architecture, and the thrilling theme parks of the country? Absolutely not!


For people who love their pockets and Singapore equally; we bring the top five experiences in Singapore that you can have without shelling out a pound:

Hiking along the Southern Ridges

Southern Ridges, consisting of four stretches of lush parks, make for one of the most picturesque trails around the world.  The brilliantly designed bridges on the trail pass over the busy traffic areas of the western Singapore and offer some of the most amazing views of the city. The section between Hortpark and Mount Faber is one of most visually-pleasing parts of the trail. Toilets, drinks vending machines as well as rest shelters are built throughout the trail for the convenience of the walkers. The 9km long trail can be covered in 3.5 hours if you walk at a leisurely pace, which is recommended for a fulfilling experience. Witnessing sunrise and sunset from here is popular among visitors.

Flying a kite at Marina Barrage

One of the best ways to have a leisurely afternoon in Singapore is by visiting the Marina Barrage, built over a dam. The well-kept, grassy rooftop of the barrage is a fertile ground for recreation, kite-flying included. People gather here for family picnics, and fun time with friends. With the Singapore skyline visible in the distance, flying kites here is one of the most amazing experiences to be had in the city. Your spirits will soar as high as your kite when the friendly locals cheer you up.

Mesmerising walk through the Gardens by the Bay

Part of an initiative to of the Singapore Government to transform the country from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”, Gardens by the Bay is 101 hectares of pure greenery. Consisting of three waterfront gardens, Gardens by the Bay are quite unique. One of the most interesting additions to the garden is the Supertrees which, as the name suggest, are quite extraordinary. These giant, artificial trees use sunlight to charge themselves up, and light themselves at night. They are also potent of harvesting the rainwater surrounding the nearby plants and animals. Be sure to be here at 7.45pm and 8.45pm to see the Supertrees twinkling and glowing for the mystical Garden Rhapsody Show.

Spending relaxing time at the Siloso Beach

Treat yourself to a quick island getaway to Sentosa, Singapore’s prime attraction. But instead of spending your pounds on expensive activities that are commonplace here, quietly make way to the pristine Siloso beach. For those who love a perfect tan, this tropical beach is an ideal choice. The beach is lined with some of the finest restaurants and resorts, but you don’t have to stay in one to admire their magnificence and beauty. Arrive when the sun is high in the sky, and leave only after watching the glorious sunset from this quiet and clean beach.

Watching the stunning water and light show

How would you feel if you are sitting near a river at night, staring at the luminous skyscrapers of a city when suddenly the skyline starts shimmering with laser lights of umpteen colours? Quite extraordinary, right? All you need to do to bring this vision to life is to be near the Singapore River on Friday, Saturday or Sunday when every night for 13-minutes the skyline illuminates with colours. Visible from both the city-side and the Marina Bay-side, the glorious play of sound, light and music is considered one of the best in the South-East Asia. Try to find a seat near the Marina Bay, and be prepared to have your senses amazed.

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